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Arduino Shield for Basler Ace Camera

A simple Arduino Shield and Sketch for testing the digital IO of a Basler Ace camera

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Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader using Basler Dart USB camera and Raspberry Pi 2 (also for Windows)

Basler PowerPack for Embedded Vision

The Basler PowerPack for Embedded Vision is a development kit for a Basler dart camera with BCON for LVDS Interface. It provides a reference design on the base of a MicroZed processing board with Xilinx Zynq®-7010 SoC.

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A sample showing how you can integrate Basler's pylon API into GStreamer's AppSrc element (so you can use your camera as a source for a pipeline!). Applications include streaming video across network, displaying to framebuffers, etc.

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MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Dev Kit for Basler dart BCON Cameras

The MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Development Kit (VDK) for Basler dart BCON Cameras provides a platform for system designers and developers to implement an embedded vision system using an Intel / Altera FPGA with 2 embedded ARM cores and up to two Basler dart BCON series cameras.