Wullee ( Wullee Anuchon )

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Come from Bangkok in Thailand


Face Detection on Raspberry Pi

We have realized a simple haarcascade-based face detection with openCV. Images are acquired from a Basler dart camera. You can use that example also for any Basler 2D cameras.

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Hand Gesture Remote using Computer Vision And Rapsberry Pi

Hand Gesture Remote is a computer vision based project implemented using opencv , python,raspberry pi. The camera feed will be processed at rpi and recognize the hand gestures. Then detected gesture will map to predefined GPIO signal of the rpi. Here is a demo of video https://youtu.be/U8X_tLIOGAc

From Zero to Image

Learn how to get started with image processing on your Raspberry Pi 3!

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RFID security access control

Employees of a company are given a RFID card and the card must be checked for id before they enter the office.Only the users with authorized id are allowed and others are not allowed.