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Rotating panoramic images in VR

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I have lots of 360 degrees panoramic photos that are captured with the same camera. Every photo has a cert...

AR for social needs

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AR is a very interesting topic. Nevertheless, many people consider AR as a technology for the gaming indus...

Which VR system to choose?

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I want to buy a VR system and I am thinking about Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you used these, any advice...

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Time and distance away from home app

This project, when completed, seeks to notify users, when prompted, how long or far they've been ...

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clock app in python by ganesh kavhar

clock app in python by ganesh kavhar • Set alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch • Keep ...

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WI-FI charing

Till date, wireless charging has been invented but its range is not that far, its only within a ...

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