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Smart home stands for all kinds of home automation systems, that control e.g. lighting, climate and surveillane systems. Find projects dealing with smart home solutions, discussions about the topic including applications and technologies, blog entries and companies that support you.

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IoT devices in industrial environment

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
Can anybody suggest which IoT devices are used in industrial IoT applications? With "industrial" I mean so...

Connecting to I/O devices using router with OpenVPN

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
I have a few I/O remote devices that connect to the router, which use OpenVPN to give access to the intern...

Portfolio's on python

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Hi I'm fresher in python so I need to do portfolio on my resume so help to create a portfolio in my resume.

How to make sure my entry is submitted

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 4
Good morning all. After a lot of coding, testing and bad language, my SmartLife entry has finally taken s...
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Wireless data transfer is the most common form of data transfer these days. In this blogpost we...

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