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How to connect Xbox controller to a quadrocopter?

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Hi, I have recently bought quadrocopter Holy Stone HS170C for my son. He is a huge fan of console gaming a...

Smart wheel chair

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We decided to use the web camera to detect the eye movements which will be further processed to drive the ...

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e-gnition Hamburg - Vision system of the egn18-dv

This project is about the vision system of the egn18-dv. It is the second driverless race car, ...

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From Zero to Image Robotics Edition

Check out a short tutorial for a ROS-Driver for Basler Cameras to publish images from the cam. ...

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FPGA accelerated object detection for the Formula Student Driverless

This project describes the object detection system of the autonomous race car from the ...

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State estimation for a team of soccer robots

RoboTeam Twente is a student team that develops a team of autonomous soccer robots to compete in ...

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