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Continuous person identification / recognition

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Hi. I'm working on a project that requires user validation with an image or a video from a web cam. Basica...

Help picking Raspberry Pi vor CV

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Hello. We're a group of students trying to build a face-detection and recognition application. So far we'...

Which neural network architecture for detecting barcodes?

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Hi community, I want to detect the barcodes on a photo. What NN architecture do you recomend for this task?

Facial recognition with unbalanced dataset

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I'd like to perform facial recognition. I have very few images of a person I need to recognize. Is there a...
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Autonomous race car for Formula Student Competition

This project is about designing and constructing an autonomous racecar for the Formula Student ...

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ANPR/ALPR on the UP Embedded Vision Starter kit

While there's nothing new about Automatic Number Plate Recognition it has long been restricted ...

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Face Detection on Raspberry Pi

We have realized a simple haarcascade-based face detection with openCV. Images are acquired from ...

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IBM Watson Visual Recognition

On February 15, 2011, after the second round of the unique Jeopardy!, the host Alex Trebek ...

Face detection & recognition with one shot learning and triplet loss

In this article you will find a short introduction to one shot learning and a tutorial on how to ...

How to set up neural networks for deep learning using Raspberry Pi & Tensorflow

Recently deep learning has become an essential tool to solve Computer Vision tasks. There is a ...


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