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Electro-Mechanical expert

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Consulting basis

ما هو الاردوينو

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Regarding C++ with image processing online course

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Hello Geeks, I am looking for Image or Video processing with C++ online course . Any one could plese sugg...


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Guys i am looking for a small projector that can be used in a tablet or camera. what i mean is when design...
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Traffic management for emergency vehicle priority based visual sensing

This is the project about traffic management for emergency vehicle priority based visual ...

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Automatic Optical Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards

This project verifies the hypothesis whether it is possible to create an Automatic Optical ...

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Reactive Table

Glows where the object is kept on the table.

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1. Touch switches to switch 'ON' and 'OFF' lights and fans of the room. 2. Bluetooth ...

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