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AI on Embedded Systems

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Hello, I am looking forward to implement computer vision on Embedded System. Due to the constraints of com...

intel x86—64 Linux(Cropped) Basler daA1280-54um(usb) Sample-Grab: Error [globbing failed An exception occurred. No device is available or no device contains the provided device info properties.]

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As mentioned above is the problem I encountered. Does anyone know what caused this? thank you very much! ...

ما هو الاردوينو

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Development board for HDR camera

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I am looking for a Development board for HDR camera with HDR capablities for vedio processing can i get a ...
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Distributed processing on an embedded vision system

Embedded Vision system build by the GreenTeam Driverless for a Formula Student race car. The ...

FPGA accelerated object detection for the Formula Student Driverless

This project describes the object detection system of the autonomous race car from the ...

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Basler dart BCON for LVDS Development Kit

The Basler dart BCON for LVDS Development Kit is a complete development kit for a Basler dart ...

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Sattellite Drone

I want to prepare a quad drone.by using the sattelite as a medium but without using remote.

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FPGA kits for camera vision

Not happy with your Pi+webcam or Pi+Camera. Hardcoding GPUs not doing it? Heard about FPGAs and ...


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