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Problems with installing dlib for Pyimagesearch on Raspberry Pi

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I faced a problem while installing dlib library on Raspberry Pi. I tried to do app with face recognition. ...

Privacy while training a face recognition model

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 6
I am interested in a way how I can use photos of real people scrapped from several social networks for tra...

Fingerprint or face recognition?

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My phone has different options for security: fingerprint, face recognition, and even an iris scanner. What...

Face recognition feature

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I'm building a web app and for one of its core feature, I need to implement face recognition. Machine lear...
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Personenerkennung mithilfe von Yolo(v3)

Erklärung und Training von Yolov3 für einen eigenen Anwendungsfall.

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Recycle bin with Python by ganesh kavhar

recycle bin app by ganesh kavhar

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clock app in python by ganesh kavhar

clock app in python by ganesh kavhar • Set alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch • Keep ...

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Who made the mess?

Office kitchens are not always the nicest places. It only takes one person to leave a cup in ...

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Emotion Detection Walkthrough with Microsoft

In this article, we focus on facial emotion recognition with Microsoft. This tool allows ...

IBM Watson Visual Recognition

On February 15, 2011, after the second round of the unique Jeopardy!, the host Alex Trebek ...

Face detection & recognition with one shot learning and triplet loss

In this article you will find a short introduction to one shot learning and a tutorial on how to ...


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