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What is the best 3D modeling software?

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Hi, forum. I have 3D modeling of a chandelier as a school project. So I am interested in what is the best ...

Looking for a 3D printer - any advice?

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Do you have an advice for buying a 3D printer? I am looking for a complete printer kit… my first one ;) On...

ما هو الاردوينو

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Regarding C++ with image processing online course

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Hello Geeks, I am looking for Image or Video processing with C++ online course . Any one could plese sugg...
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Acquires from two cameras (GigE or USB), and stitches the images side-by-side (does not do 3D ...

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Automated RC car for the CaroloCup

The goal is the design, development, and construction of an automated RC car in scale 1:10 to ...

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Watts spp


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Basler ToF Camera with ROS

In this tutorial you will find out how to successfully install and use the Basler ToF camera ...

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LIDAR based 3D SLAM for autonomous vehicles

Find more about using LiDar to get 3D point cloud for 3D scene construction.

Pose estimation, detecting human actions from images and video feed using convolutional neural nets

Ever thought how the Microsoft Kinect works? You just have to stand in front of it in the active ...

Using embedded vision in mobile augmented reality: challenges & approaches to solution

Mobiles are the new hotbeds of innovation in augmented reality as they provide all the ...

How to implement gesture control on embedded systems

Learn more about how to control Raspberry Pi using your hands by implementing simple Computer ...

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