Music Generator

Draw some music and play it with PyPylon, OpenCV and Sonic Pi!

Music Generator

A simple Program which runs edge detection on a preformatted sheet of paper to generate music via the Sonic Pi Application.

The rows of the table are equivalent to a note, whereas each column indicates whether the note should be played or not.

Currently work in progress!

To get this project up and running first install the generator's dependencies with the help of this guide. Furthermore, you need Sonic Pi which comes with every current raspbian image, but you will also need to install the Ruby gem sonic-pi-cli(e.g. via gem install sonic-pi-cli).

If you want to try it out, just print the template sheet.pdf, color some cells black and point your camera at it.

Note: Sonic Pi must be running for this to work otherwise the output of the program can not be parsed by it.

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