Face detection of mobile users

When ever a new person uses a mobile on that time it should capture the photo of the user. If mobile was lost on that time it should show the last user's photo who used the mobile


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communitymanager report abuse
Hi! Thanks for sharing your idea. Have you already done anything? Or are you just getting started? Please add more information. So it's easier for you to get participants and more detailed for the community. Many thanks in advance!
nagarjune report abuse
Its just an idea
leke-stanley report abuse
Its fantastic I would like to join but am entirely new to python language anyways.
communitymanager report abuse
It shouldn't just be an idea. As you can see, others also love your idea. Just as a hint: Start a discussion in our forum with a link to your project. Ask what you wanna know about that. Maybe you can add to your project how you imagine the process could be. Then you might get more input from the community.
ashok-behera report abuse
face detection in terms of eye retina has already evolved and most of the smart phone has same feature now a days, could you please elaborate what kind of face detection in your project
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