DUALbooks for mass transfer to safe digital services

DUALbooks enable abuse-free digital Access&Interaction: MyData-driven by technology of Tag Management; AR. SMART Tags at publicly available books: to leverage library/bookstore/club patron’s behavior - by showing book’s code / sticker - to gadget. http://www.casi2020.eu/casipedia/cases/dualbooks-3/

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http://www.casi2020.eu/casipedia/cases/dualbooks-3/ https://www.slideshare.net/Vladimir8b/offer-to-a-publisher-smart-envelope-89782584 Image: slide 6 https://www.slideshare.net/Vladimir8b/smart-paper-mydata-shift-to-iot20102016 More links (in red): SmartPaper.fi blog dd.08/09/2018: http://smartpaper.fi/en/misc/interaction-customers/blog/

Safe digital services should be enabled by state regulations & users habits/benefits, as safe sex or safe driving: - first activate the precautions against harm - like safety belt in car and anti-virus-sex pills (preservatives are another form of physical barrier) - and ONLY THEN start the endeavor. Name of our physical (offline - thus non-hackable) safety barrier: #DUALbook's SMART sticker as interface&filter for abuse-free internet access & interaction. For safe & data-abuse-free internet access one can use e.g. VPN and the F-Secure solution SENSE, as well as hundreds of other secure (?) & cool :-) methods and tools. Diversity of offerings and data breaches/misuse scandals confuse* a non-techie user: how to choose the best for her & easy-to-use solution, for all possible scenarios - mobile gadgets, public desktops, Wi-Fi... MyData.org provides best practices; SmartPaper.fi engages mass user into MyData. We at SmartPaper.fi (info-logistics solutions since 2001) leverage traditional & emotional behaviors - like in China mobile messengers boosted (to 100+ times more than in US+EU) usage of mobile payments by digitizing hundreds-years-old cash gifts in RED ENVELOPES. But - contrary to China - we enable mass distribution of behavioral tool for GAFA (& Big Brother) -free interactions: based at keeping interaction data at consumer's private cloud / EdgeAI, tokenizing user data, Decentralized IDs. And we collaborate with Open Knowledge International (namely: OKFI, MyData.org) for synergies of Open Data best practices (like Open Access, Open Gov't etc.) to scale consumer engagement, e.g. by participation in OKFI MOOC 'GDPR for Citizen' https://fi.okfn.org/new-digital-rights-mooc/. Our behavioral tool works 'in2gestures', looks like 'crossing-oneself' / 'blessing the other', i.e. "to make the sign of the cross in front of something as a sign of Christian reverence or to invoke divine protection". But we propose 'divine-crossing' of a book's cover: opening book's SMART sticker to a web-camera / home vision set (for prototype demo / system design: computer vision set needed); in future: via Li-Fi, thus invoking 'divine' protection & ONLY THEN switching-on own or a public gadget. The vertical top-down gesture (of a 'blessing' cross) opens a SMART envelope (i.e. - book's SMART dust jacket) - by pulling its integrated silk thread, that tears-off the perforation on the longer side of envelope (for one-time/ initial access to the DUALbooks practices). And then the horizontal gesture positions the book's dust jacket (SMART detachable sticker) so, that its SMART 2D-code (UpCode) is exposed to line of sight of a web camera / Li-Fi/ merchant's POS terminal / controller's gadget. Thus 'digital blessing' provides initial registration of user in DUAlbooks system - via previous registration of patron in public library database, but anonymously: library network is 'Third Party Trusted Decentralized IDentities Provider'. For all the future uses - authentications (2 or 3-factors' authentication/ in1click or in2clicks, depending on legally obliging 'normal' or 'strong' authentication) of user's right to a service consist only of 1gesture/ in1click: by showing the registered sticker to controller's gadget or (e.g. payment-by-tap) terminal: see Image - slide 6 https://www.slideshare.net/Vladimir8b/smart-paper-mydata-shift-to-iot20102016. SMART PAPER books dust jackets replace PLASTIC lamination of books by libraries, saving our oceans from micro-plastic eaten by fish/people. Unique is the ability of UpCode system to update in-real-time (like RTB/Real Time Bidding for ads) algorithms of digital/mobile interactions - according to (the book's/ library registered) user's Edge (cloud) profile** and context***** (of the book's ID / ISBN & of environment, where the initial transaction takes place). It pushes user's gadget to start working according to USER-CONTROLLED (MyData) algorithms (via UpCode remote servers & offline). Thus avoiding surveillance, hacking, GAFAs data abuse: seamlessly. Our solution: mass distribution of this seamless, in2clicks, 'digitally blessing' behavior - via public library books; B2C & G2C letters (SMART-enveloped); mass products' packaging. SmartPaper.fi distribution leverages ubiquity of paper books (& saving costs of books*) and RTBupdating - by SMART PAPER encoding mechanism - of existing proprietary 2D-codes (Data Matrix) systems of official documents and mass products. E.g. Finland: 600 mln. p.A. B2C & G2C letters; several billions mass products packages*** - all with Data Matrix codes; from 2019 all EU pharma packages are obligatory 2D-coded. https://www.cio.com/article/3080045/payment-processing/7-reasons-mobile-payments-still-arent-mainstream.html *http://duffy.agency/how-china-adapt-into-mobile-payments/ https://www.vttresearch.com/media/news/vtt-and-upcode-bring-smart-sensors-and-functional-inks-to-consumer-goods *http://smartpaper.fi/en/misc/case-stories/ http://smartpaper.fi/en/misc/interaction-customers/blog/ *****https://evrythng.com/upgrading-the-barcode-to-the-web-gs1-digital-link/ https://www.gs1.org/docs/healthcare/MC07_GS1_Datamatrix.pdf


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