Smart Home

This Project contains 1. Smart Door 2. Smart Window 3. Smart Switches 4. Reactive Table

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The Android Application used here can be downloaded from here

An Overview of connections and data flow within system :

The image of the overall Smart Home system is mentioned below :-


1. 16x2 Lcd display.

2. Button panel to enter password.

3. Image notification through email on security breech.

4. Password to auto turn 'OFF' lights inside the house.

5. OTP (one time password) for guest.

6. Motor operated automatic door.

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1. Touch switches to switch 'ON' and 'OFF' lights and fans of the room.

2. Bluetooth connectivity for android app.

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1. Smart window can be operated through android app with servo operated open and close feature.

2. It can sense rain, wind and temperature and shuts the window to maintain better environment inside the house.

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Glows where the object is kept on the table.

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thuydxng report abuse
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narendra-kumar report abuse
Nice Idea..This will be the future in our country as well ..As currently most of the western countries are like this..
rishi-krishnan report abuse
can we do this project using beagle board?
Himanshu_S report abuse
you can use any controller..

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