Implementing gesture control on Raspberry Pi

In this project I’m going to show how hand tracking could be used to control Raspberry PI. We'll use the simplest Computer Vision algorithms, so anyone can implement and run this on his own device.



    1 Laptop, 1 Raspberry PI 2, 1 Web-camera


     1. Install conda (downloads)

     2. Get code from repository

git clone
cd hand_mouse_control

     3.   Create conda environment (prepared environment in repository folder environment.yml)

conda env create -f environment.yml
source activate tutor # environment name - ‘tutor’

  Required libraries: python3, OpenCV, numpy , pyautogui

 Additional: Learn how to manage conda environments.

       4. InstallVisual Studio Code for code editing.

Launch Guide

      1. Start program

python -c 0
# where ‘-c 0’ defines camera index (if only one camera plugged to Raspberry PI use 0)

Note: to list connected cameras use

ls -ltrh /dev/video*

     2. Hotkeys:

  •   press ‘a’ - start/stop mouse control by hand
  •   press ‘w’ - draw blind zones (transparent green colored zones) where hand can’t be placed
  •   press ‘h’ - show/hide green rectangles for hand extraction
  •   press ‘s’ - update intensity threshold for color hand extraction
  •   press ‘q’ - quit program

  After you launched application, you are going to see two windows - ‘Hand mouse control’ with live video from webcamera and ‘Colored mask’ - with extracted skin segments from camera stream.

  •      Place your hand on green rectangles and press ‘s’ until image in window (‘Hand mouse control’) show you only your extracted hand. Better extraction - better quality of hand movement.
  •     Press ‘h’ to hide green rectangles
  •     Press ‘a’ to start mouse movements with your hand.
  •     Move your left hand and watch at mouse. Cursor position should be updated when you hand moves. Remember gestures to control application.

  •    Press ‘w’ to see blind zones

Here are some demos

     Simple mouse movement with gesture recognition

     Painting, Drag&Drop with gesture recognition

Conclusion**    **  

    Hope this project will inspire you to modify this code and make more advanced system. This could be also extremely useful in Augmented Reality applications. So looking forward to your suggestions and possible collaboration.


GitHub Repository


pushed 08b893d648017d25987c9063cf622f4438ded3b9
2017-11-19 15:25:48 UTC
pushed eeded90c72983c06dd1320dd4e000aaea0dee191
added environment
2017-11-19 14:46:47 UTC
pushed 3e2133ae55f2c93f1981f3eabd9b0ec01af0a551
2017-11-19 14:41:41 UTC
pushed df60873a42d3bb9f0db0dcb5aafcd38b1a83ce94
Initial commit
2017-10-15 11:01:43 UTC

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Software Licence: GPL v.3
Hardware Licence: Project has no hardware

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Are you using a leap motion for the project ?
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Hi, no) This is simple hand-crafted CV algorithms)
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I am a student
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I am at school
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sir, is the cam in our laptop is sufficient or should we buy an external web cam
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