Reactive Table

Glows where the object is kept on the table.


Reactive table is a table containing led matrix at its surface.When ever any object is placed on the top of it, it glows thereby making the table interactive. 

Watch video here

The video contains two pixels of the table which glows when something comes infront of it.

  1. The pixels can be created in a pair of two as the  IC LM358  used is a dual op-amp which can be used as a comparator.

  2. Each pair of pixels needs  2 Infrared detectors1 Infrared transmitter1 LM3585 resistors (10k*2, 100ohm*2 ,1 330ohm) and a variable resistor(10k).

3.  Below is the circuit diagram for the pixel :

The number of pixels can be made according to the size of the table used and connect in  parallel  with each other.

Bill of materials
Name Article number Link Quantity Unit Price
LM358 LM358N 1 0.90 $
Resistors kit 1 7.00 $
LEDS pack 5mm Red LED Diode Lights (Clear Round Transparent DC 2V 20mA) 1 6.57 $
PCB board 1 0.50 $
Total 14.97 $

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