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When darkness increases its on


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Imaginghub report abuse __ edited

Hi Dabosseke ,

Thank your very much for your contibution. It's great to have projects like this on our website. If you want somebody to join in and participate in your project you should add some more documention and a basic description of what your project is about. Also, step by step introductions of how to build your emergency light and a bill of material will enable others to recreate your project. Maybe there is soemthing you would like to improve and you don't know how? Just write a post in our forum or use the comment function beneath the project tabs and you will get input by other users.

border-crossfire report abuse

Guess all you need is something similar to this: https://diyhacking.com/arduino-ldr-sensor/

You might require to detect the readings of the LDR at exactly when to turn the LED ON. For this you need to note down the readings by constantly monitoring the system after its functional. Once that is done, all you need to do is use one of the GPIO pins and program the logic.

Tip: Use an interrupt pin to trigger an event rather than constantly polling in some loop.

vanam-naidu-babu report abuse
exactly i am looking same kind of projects kindly help me participate
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