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Video recording with OpenCV, Qt and Basler pylon on MAC OS X

This project demonstrates how video recording can be realized on MAC OS X while using OpenCV (display&recording), Qt (GUI), Basler pylon (image grabbing), Basler USB3.0 and GigE cameras.

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Video recording with OpenCV, Qt, Basler pylon and Basler USB 3.0 and GigE cameras on MAC OS X

This project demonstrates how video recording can be realized on MAC OS X while using OpenCV (display&recording), Qt (GUI), the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite (image grabbing) and Basler USB 3 Vision and GigE Vision cameras.


This guide assumes that:

  1. you're using MAC OS X Sierra 10.12.3
  2. you're using pylon for Mac OS X v5.0.5.8973 or newer. You can download the latest pylon version from here.
  3. you're using a Basler USB 3 Vision or a GigE Vision camera
  4. you've installed Qt v5.7 (for building/using the GUI)
  5. you've installed OpenCV v3.2
  6. you've installed Boost v1.63 

Let's start

To start with, use the executable package 'CamViewer.app_V1.tar', which already contains all dependent libraries except the pylon framework.

Now apply the following steps to run the tool:

  1. Install the pylon5 frame work
  2. Extract the attached *.tar file into a directory of your choice.
  3. Open a shell and go into the sub directory, i.e.:
  4. And call the ./ 

The script '' will set the needed DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables and start the tool.
This sample supports recording of  'mpeg4' video files. 
Note: depending on your user rights, you may need to change the directory where the video should be saved, e.g. to Desktop.  

For the purpose of adding additional functionalities to the tool, the source code file 'CamViewerMacOsSRC_V1.tar' is also attached to this project.

PS: do not forget this is a sample private project without any warranty.

Title Description Format
CamViewerMacOsSRC_V1 Source code. tar
CamViewer.app_V1 A ready to use executable file. tar