Arduino Shield for Basler Ace Camera

A simple Arduino Shield and Sketch for testing the digital IO of a Basler Ace camera

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Software Licence: Apache 2.0
Hardware Licence: Solderpad v.0.51




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This is just a quick project to build a shield with LED's that can be used to test or learn about the digital IO's of a Basler ace camera. Both GigE and USB3 versions are supported. Design and layout was whipped up in Fritzing ( They even fabricated the PCB!

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pushed 3d7d1b38a64425ed806004f9a8a270e656c148f2
License change to Apache 2.0
2017-08-30 20:36:47 UTC
pushed 0f94658f93a518625030c206a16e8ef98ef1a4dd
First code commit.
2017-08-29 19:43:08 UTC
Matthew B
pushed ee9c74d739cf3e24d4d0d21d22cce237e9fd3789
Initial commit
2017-08-29 19:41:22 UTC
Title Description Format
Shield Schematic Fritzing export of shield schematic PDF
Title Description Format
PCB Layout Fritzing export of shield PCB layout PDF
Arduino Sketch Sample of code which can be used on the shield INO
Name Article number Link Quantity Unit Price
Arduino UNO 1 24.95 $
Ace IO Cable 2000029411 1 50.00 $
PCB (Provided by Fritzing) 1 57.00 $
LED (Red) 3 1.99 $
Resistor (1k ohm, 4 needed, price is for pack of 5) 1 1.49 $
Arduino header pins 1 0.50 $
Total 139.91 $
Task Owner Creation Date
Add switches to bypass LED's for improved signals when using an oscilloscope


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