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Sample projects on Image Processing using OpenCV3 and Python3 (Using a RaspberryPi2 - Not Required Though)

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How to distinguish apples and pears with Raspberry Pi

This guide will help you to setup environment on your PC and Raspberry PI, train model for fruits classification and localization and deploy it as simple realtime program.

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EF EVE™ - Live Holographic Streaming

EF EVE™ is a live holographic streaming engine. Currently it is able to stream 30fps and requires 2-3Mbps. More information :

Adding Proxy Settings to Raspberry Pi

This guide describes how to access a network (e.g. the Internet) through a proxy server.

Installing OpenCV 3 on Raspberry Pi 3

Learn how to install OpenCV 3 on your Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian Jessie.

Basler PowerPack for Embedded Vision

The Basler PowerPack for Embedded Vision is a development kit for a Basler dart camera with BCON for LVDS Interface. It provides a reference design on the base of a MicroZed processing board with Xilinx Zynq®-7010 SoC.

Participation wanted

ARM Cortex-A15 / Cameras

Combination of a professional Cortex-A15 hardware and DART BCON camera(s), Linux OS and application. We offer an ODM development of CPU hardware, integration of DART cameras, Linux OS and are looking for application programmers.

Basler dart BCON & Channel Link Deserializer

This project provides additional information on how Basler dart BCON cameras can be connected to Texas Instruments Channel Link Deserializers.

Basler BCON Control Protocol Additional Information

This project provides additional information on the Basler BCON control protocol. Basler BCON cameras are configured via a standard I2C interface. The cameras are GenICam devices and use GenCP version 1.2, as their low level protocol.

Getting started with Embarcadero Delphi 10.1 Berlin and Basler pylon5 C-API

This project demonstrates how to port some basic pylon5 C-API functions to Embarcadero Delphi 10.1 Berlin. I addition, it shows how to grab and display single images in the RAD Studio.

Video recording with OpenCV, Qt and Basler pylon on MAC OS X

This project demonstrates how video recording can be realized on MAC OS X while using OpenCV (display&recording), Qt (GUI), Basler pylon (image grabbing), Basler USB3.0 and GigE cameras.

Face Detection on Advantech AIIS-1200P and most x64 Windows systems

This guide shows you how easy it is to create a face-detection programm on a x64 Windows machine like Advantech's AIIS-1200P

From Zero to Python OpenCV 3 on Windows x64

This guide will get you all set up for Python-based image processing on any x64 mashine!


This project mostly was created within a one day Hackathon with the aim to create an autofocus lense on a Basler dart camera controlled by an Raspberry Pi.

QR Code reading with HALCON for ARM on a Raspberry Pi 3

In this proof of concept, we want to show you how to easily integrate a QR code reader on an embedded device using HALCON and HDevEngine.

Multiple Image Stitching

In some cases when using area or line scan cameras you may need to stitch multiple images to shape a bigger image with higher resolution. This project provides source code the demonstrates how to do that with Basler pylon APIs and cameras.

Fast Image Saving from multiple Basler dart cameras on RaspberryPi 3

On RaspberryPi it may take up to 5s to save an image. This may cause your application to run out of memory and cause image losses. This project demonstrates how to handle image saving in the right manner.

Optical Sensor for Demographic Customer Analysis

This optical Sensor was designed to capture anonymous data on age, gender, ad-interactions and emotions of customers and advertising audience.

Participation wanted

Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader using Basler Dart USB camera and Raspberry Pi 2 (also for Windows)

Participation wanted

Arduino Shield for Basler Ace Camera

A simple Arduino Shield and Sketch for testing the digital IO of a Basler Ace camera

MiniBL (dart) Mounting plates for front and back : STEP-Model

Here are the mounting plates of a Basler dart camera.

From Zero to Image Robotics Edition

Check out a short tutorial for a ROS-Driver for Basler Cameras to publish images from the cam. Supported are Basler cameras with USB 3.0 and GigE and also the dart cameras. It is developed by Magazino GmbH.

From Zero to Image

Learn how to get started with image processing on your Raspberry Pi 3!

Participation wanted

Tablesoccer Analysis

I have started to build a tablesoccer Video analysis with openCV, Python and a Basler camera. For now, I have realized the basic structure for the analysis, ball tracking, field detection, goal counting and ball speed calculation.

Music Generator

Draw some music and play it with PyPylon, OpenCV and Sonic Pi!

Face Detection on Raspberry Pi

We have realized a simple haarcascade-based face detection with openCV. Images are acquired from a Basler dart camera. You can use that example also for any Basler 2D cameras.