ViTec Co., Ltd.

Since 1995 our company has developed industrial Test, Measurement and Automation solutions and has provided distribution of components from leading suppliers: Basler (Germany) cameras, National Instruments (USA) software and hardware, Neousys Technology (Taiwan) fanless computers, OptoEngineering (Italy) bitelecentric lenses and lighting, Z-laser (Germany) lasers. Qualified and experienced engineering team creates turn-key solutions for Visual Inspection and Identification, Measurements, Robotics and Machine Control.


Software development team for Visual Inspection applications, 3D measurements and Industrial Robotics
Development tools: C/C++, NI LabVIEW ( RT + FPGA), Java, C#, .NET,  PHP, HTML5
Target platforms:  MS Windows, MS WinCE/WEC7, Linux (ARM, x86), Android

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Founded in
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St.Petersburg, Russia
Tomsk, Russia

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