Dolotron d.o.o.

Dolotron makes standard and customer specific solution in a field of embedded machine vision. Our ability to integrate all parts of an embedded vision system includes complete competence in image sensor, Intel CPU, FPGA and LED lighting integration.


The main competencies of dolotron are in the field of:

  • Intel x86 SOC
  • Xilinx FPGA
  • Image Sensor integration, CCD, CMOS
  • LED lighting and controllers
  • Windows and Linux drivers
  • OEM development and production

Products & Services

As a standard product, Dolotron provides embedded PC processing unit with Intel SOC CPUs.
APCU3 is ultra compact USB3 Vision processing unit with 2 USB3 inputs for USB3 Vision cameras.

As OEM solution we can provide custom specific processing units with Intel SOC or/and Xilinx FPGA.

Company Details

Founded in
No. of employees
Cakovec, Croatia

Contact details

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