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Founded in 2003, the goal of RBZ is to design electronic equipment fulfilling the needs of our customers and to compliment their research and development departments. To accomplish this goal, RBZ works to be at the leading edge in electronics and embedded systems and to offer our knowledge to you.


Embedded hardware design using microprocessor and FPGAs.

From the vision point of view this includes:
- sensor connection to processing platform
- image processing in FPGAs using Xilinx and Altera libraries, including IP development to adapt the camera bus to the FPGA
- image processing im microprocessor running Linux. In this case we work in gstreammer video chains to grab the video, adapt it to the customer demand and stream it over IP or store locally.

Products & Services

RBZ has experience in the field of embedded hardware and software design.

Our services range from product definition to full production.

We can support our clients with:
- Specifications
- Architecture defnition
- Hardware design including schematics and PCB. Both servides are done in house. Our engineers have experience managing high speed signals.
- Prototype manufacturing with our own production line
- Mid range production capability
- Support for certification under CE


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