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AAEON is a designer and manufacturer of industrial and embedded computing platforms and provides integrated solutions, hardware and services for OEM/ODMs and system integrators worldwide and the manufacturer oft the Intel based up board.

Active Silicon

Active Silicon is a leading manufacturer of imaging products, embedded systems and custom solutions. We provide camera electronics for image data transmission, frame grabbers for data acquisition, and embedded systems for imaging processing and machine control.

Adaptive Vision

Adaptive Vision provides machine vision software, libraries and development services. We create effective and user-friendly technology as a reliable partner of machine builders, vision system integrators and industrial end-users.


Advantech is a leader in providing trusted innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, and global logistics support.

Advantech Embedded IoT

Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products. Advantech is a premier member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance.

ATEsystem s.r.o.

ATEsystem offers system development and integration in the field of machine vision and test & measurement and distributes machine vision components in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Au-Zone Technologies Inc.

Au-Zone Technologies is a leading provider of development tools, engineering design services, and enabling IP used for the design of intelligent embedded vision products and solutions. By utilizing our development tools (eCV SDK and DeepView IDE) we enable engineering teams to quickly develop and deploy hardware accelerated computer vision algorithms and novel Convolutional Neural Networks on heterogeneous compute devices.  Through our engineering consulting engagements and turnkey product development services, we help our clients lower development costs, mitigate program risk and shorten time to revenue when designing new vision enabled products.

autoVimation GmbH

autoVimation provides solutions for easier installation and adjustment of image processing equipment in alsmost any environment. The product range includes compact and robust enclosures for cameras, lights and laser made of aluminium and stainless steel with very good heat dissipation and depending on volumes can also desing housings for board cameras. Modular accessories allow the installtion in dirty, hot and cold sourroundings. Matching dovetal profiles and mounting brackets allow the simple installation and adjustment of all components on a machine or in non-industrial environments.

Basler AG

Basler is a leading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial and retail applications, medical devices, and traffic systems.

Connect Tech Inc.

Connect Tech delivers high performance computing solutions for embedded and industrial applications. For over 30 years, Connect Tech has built a solid reputation for expertise in providing professional design services, delivering unsurpassed technical support and developing innovative products that improve design efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Critical Link LLC

Critical Link is an embedded systems engineering firm with extensive experience developing electronic products for industrial, medical, scientific, and defense applications. Our engineering staff spans the necessary disciplines to ensure technical success, while accelerating your time to market. Critical Link’s depth of experience in image sensor technology, SoC & FPGA design, vision protocols, and signal processing expertise uniquely position us as a premier development partner in imaging system design.

Cybus GmbH

Founded in 2015 in Hamburg, Cybus develops a smart networking solution for industry 4.0 and the "Industrial Internet of Things" (IIoT). Cybus enables innovative industrial equipment manufacturers to provide its customers from manufacturing and logistics data-driven value-added services, such as remote monitoring or predictive maintenance. The Connectware meets the highest security and data governance requirements, so that factory operators are able to optimize their production and at the same time retain full control of their data.

Dolotron d.o.o.

Dolotron makes standard and customer specific solution in a field of embedded machine vision. Our ability to integrate all parts of an embedded vision system includes complete competence in image sensor, Intel CPU, FPGA and LED lighting integration.

Dream Chip Technologies GmbH

Dream Chip Technologies is a German engineering company supporting their European customers with SOC, FPGA, and embedded software designs not only for the consumer, industrial and automotive industry.


Eikeo develops and manufactures leading-edge digital signage solutions that include anonymous facial recognition for audience measurement, targeted digital advertising and interactive applications. Fullfilling a 10 years experience in the DOOH, EIKEO designs solutions taylored to the specific needs of its customers. The exclusive embedded technologies garantie the revenues maximization of the deployed networks.

HotSwap Deutschland GmbH

HotSwap offers services in mechanics, electronics, software and the combination- mechatronics. We also offer services in project management, regulatory advice, industrial design and ergonomics.

IMAGO Technologies GmbH

IMAGO develops and produces vision computer based on x86, DSP and ARM processors with Windows Embedded or Linux OS. For series machines and devices IMAGO offers the ecosystem which means example programs inclusive all interface like cameras, SW libraries and tools, I/O, fieldbus. IMAGO serves mainly OEM and ODM customers.

Inforce Computing, Inc.

Inforce leverages mobile and Internet technologies to provide long lifecycle Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor-based miniature compute platforms. Inforce also provides hardware and software design, and manufacturing services to help customers innovate, accelerate, and scale their designs to market.

Intenta GmbH

We are a young and innovative IT company located in Chemnitz, Germany. Our primary focus is the development and marketing of product lines based on our smart sensor Intenta S2000.

Irida Labs

Irida Labs is a computer vision and machine learning technology company focused on bridging the gap between cameras and the human eye by bringing visual perception to any device.

iVeia LLC

iVeia designs and manufactures small form factor COTS processing modules and I/O modules for commercial and military applications. iVeia offers a complete ecosystem of IP cores, tools, examples, hardware, and design services.


JADAK is a market leading supplier of machine vision technologies to device manufactures in the Healthcare, Self-Service and Financial markets. Utilizing Clarity, JADAK’s powerful GUI based machine vision software package, JADAK makes machine vision applications easier to implement. In addition to a deep product offering, JADAK provides engineering services with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 manufacturing capabilities. Utilizing a systems approach to reduce parts, improve designs and add value, JADAK provides device manufacturers one-stop shopping for embedded machine vision projects.

Kii Corporation

Kii is focused on addressing the high-performance demands of innovation in the connected world with an end-to-end cloud platform optimized for the IoT. Since 2007, our organizational DNA has been in serving the world’s largest carriers with connectivity, scale, stability and performance. By extending our platform and global business expertise to device manufactures and startups, we help today’s disruptive technologies become tomorrow’s household names.


KOMOTO established in the year 1989 and specialized in research and development of traffic LED Strobe, has been dedicated in providing strobe lighting solutions for ANPR, Enforcement, Mobile, Traffic monitoring system.

krtkl inc.

krtkl ("critical") provides complete hardware and software solutions for computer vision, robotics, and networking applications. krtkl’s hardware and software products simplify and better the lives of everyone working on automation and machine intelligence.

Linux4biz UG

Linux4biz is a leading Embedded Android and Linux software engineering company that was founded in 2004. We specialize in Embedded Linux, Android and Open Source based solutions. We support leading technology OEM customers in a wide range of industries: automotive infotainment, consumer electronics, and industrial automation.

Midwest Optical Systems – MidOpt

Midwest Optical Systems has over 30 years of experience and innovation in optical design, fabrication and inspection. MidOpt is a worldwide leader in machine vision filters and optical solutions and is represented in over 30 countries, offers over 3,000 cutting-edge products. They are the creators of advanced StablEDGE™ filter design, providing superior wavelength control at any angle. MidOpt offers the largest selection mounting solutions to help customize any imaging applications.

Might Electronic Co., Ltd

Might Electronic is a reputable company, specialized in OEM business of PCB Assembly and Electronic Assembly in Taiwan over 25 years. With long-term cooperation experience with many multi-national companies like Acer, D-Link, Hitachi and Honeywell. Our quality certification include ISO9001 / ISO14001 / TS16949 / UL / TUV / CE / 3C and also developed our own expertise to provide integrated manufacturing service, such as PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, plastic injection, metal sheet, rubber and silicone molding and box building.

MVTec Software GmbH

MVTec is a leading manufacturer of standard software for machine vision. With <a href="">HALCON Embedded</a>, our flagship software is portable to your system. This allows you to develop the software part of your machine vision application on a standard platform and thereby eases the programming of an embedded system.


mycable is an experienced service provider offering consultancy and design services for customized embedded processor systems. We are specialized in designing high performance, highly integrated and low power computers for vision-, communication- and multimedia-systems. mycable guides and supports you to specify, develop and produce your customized embedded system by providing consultancy, engineering services and turnkey solutions. A comprehensive technology platform derived from automotive, industrial, networking and special application projects is available to focus on your application specific requirements.

National Instruments

National is a leader in the vision industry, providing machine vision and scientific imaging hardware and software tools.

Neousys Technology Inc.

Neousys Technology is an industrial fanless PC manufacturer in Taiwan. Neousys offers the reliable system with innovative design for various markets, such as industrial automation, machine vision, surveillance and in-vehicle application.

Nerian Vision Technologies

Nerian Vision Technologies is a young start-up that specializes in the development of systems for real-time machine vision. The current focus is on the extraction of depth data from stereoscopic Images.

NVIDIA Corporation

Today the NVIDIA® end-to-end platforms bring supercomputing power and drive breakthrough advances with artificial intelligence and deep learning in safety systems, intelligent video analysis (IVA), autonomous machines, and more.

OFH (Optics for Hire)

OFH (Optics for Hire) provides optical engineering services, including: optical design for imaging and non-imaging applications, opto-mechanical design, and electrical engineering. Optical designs and prototypes, including: biomedical optics, medical devices, LED illumination, custom camera optics, laser systems, robotics, consumer products, and 3D mapping. Facilities in US, Belarus, and Ukraine.

PCPsolutions / PC Partner

PCPsolutions is PC Partner Group Limited’s new B2B brand. After successfully establishing consumer brands on a worldwide scale, such as ZOTAC, the Mini-PC Pioneer, PCPsolutions is the company’s next step for providing standard and tailored products to Embedded, Industrial and Digital Signage customers. PCPsolutions' key to success is the specialized design of unique Mini-PC platforms based on NVIDIA's Tegra K1 and Tegra X1 SoCs.

Pinnacle Imaging Systems, Inc.

Pinnacle Imaging Systems developed a color system that powers high dynamic range (HDR) imaging devices and HDR software. Pinnacle Imaging Systems's Beyond RGB patented, fully scalable color system is based on actual human vision. Their digital imaging platform provides a comprehensive toolset to process HDR images from start to finish, in a 32-bit precision color space.

Pyramics UG

Pyramics provides data and hardware solutions to measure the success of marketing efforts. For this purpose we developed the intelligent optical Sensor Pysense in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits.

relayr GmbH

relayr is an IoT company and provides a device, hardware and sensor-agnostic enterprise middleware platform, and tools which enable fast and cost effective development of new solutions, equipment and services for the Internet of Things. is a computer vision company that uses proprietary convolutional neural network technology to provide image recognition solutions for real-world problems. focuses on specific markets, like Automotive, to deliver highly relevant information about images with very high accuracy in order to automate critical visual tasks. One of our specialties is the ability to identify the make and model of a car from almost any angle and in different lighting conditions, even with low-resolution images.


Sightcorp is an independent spin-off from the Intelligent Systems Lab at the University of Amsterdam. Sightcorp technology is based on a solid scientific foundation that relies on more then 15 years of R&D in the automatic analysis of faces and human behavior. We are pioneers in the real-time measurement of facial expressions like happiness, anger and surprise, combined with age, gender, ethnicity, head gaze and precise eye tracking functionality. Sightcorp’s technology is revolutionizing how companies and brands all over the world understand, interact and engage their customers in market verticals like Retail, Digital Signage, Advertising, Market Research, Airports, Hospitality and more.

SILVER ATENA Electronic Systems Engineering GmbH

The core competencies of SILVER ATENA cover the entire development lifecycle of safety-critical systems, including systems engineering, hardware engineering, software engineering, and safety and security engineering. Across different branches, SILVER ATENA has gained long-term experience in certification engineering.

Silver Curve Ltd

Silver Curve provides consultancy and integration expertise for large and small projects in the digital media industry using embedded systems. Silver Curve works with some of the UK’s most prestigious companies to realise their digital media ambitions.


Smilart develops unique algorithms and methods for facial biometry, especially for is real-time face recognition. Our solutions are used by private and govermental customers in several countries.

Sphericam Inc.

Sphericam represents the cutting edge of 360º VR video cameras. A range of prosumer and professional no compromise content capture tools and unparalleled industry knowledge, make Sphericam the go-to brand for quality immersive video production in Cinematic, Creative, Broadcast and Live production.


Toradex is a Swiss based company with offices around the world, offering rugged and compact ARM<sup>®</sup>-based System on Modules (SOMs) and Customized SBCs well suited for embedded Computer Vision applications. Toradex<sup>®</sup>’s SOMs are powered by NVIDIA<sup>®</sup> and NXP<sup>®</sup> processors.

Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH

TwentyBN offers software to analyze images or videos where a great variety of objects have to be detected in uncontrolled environments: it is robust against changes in lighting, partial occlusions and deformed objects. The advantages over traditional CV techniques become most obvious in applications like outdoor plant grows inspection, waste sorting or satellite image analysis. For that deep learning techniques are employed, which replace extensive programming by training the system with samples images. TwentyBN supports their customers during their design, prototyping and development phases.

Videmo GmbH

Videmo Intelligent Videoanalysis is an innovative company providing software systems and solutions in the field of automatic image analysis. The main expertise is the creation of software solutions for face detection, analysis and identification.

ViTec Co., Ltd.

Since 1995 our company has developed industrial Test, Measurement and Automation solutions and has provided distribution of components from leading suppliers: Basler (Germany) cameras, National Instruments (USA) software and hardware, Neousys Technology (Taiwan) fanless computers, OptoEngineering (Italy) bitelecentric lenses and lighting, Z-laser (Germany) lasers. Qualified and experienced engineering team creates turn-key solutions for Visual Inspection and Identification, Measurements, Robotics and Machine Control.


Wotscom GmbH is a system integrator and coordinator for the development and production of Smart-Home Security Systems, Security Cameras and for Internet of Things or Industry 4. Health Care products products including Software-Development and Hardware.

Xilinx, Inc.

Xilinx is the world’s leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, MPSoCs and 3D ICs, enabling the next generation of smarter, connected, and differentiated systems. Xilinx innovations enable applications that are both, SW defined, yet HW optimized.

Xylon d.o.o.

Xylon designs logicBRICKS™IP cores and provides services for Xilinx All Programmable devices in the fields of embedded vision, video processing, graphics, and more. Xylon is a Premier Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program and ISO9001 certified.