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Founded in 2015 in Hamburg, Cybus develops a smart networking solution for industry 4.0 and the "Industrial Internet of Things" (IIoT). Cybus enables innovative industrial equipment manufacturers to provide its customers from manufacturing and logistics data-driven value-added services, such as remote monitoring or predictive maintenance. The Connectware meets the highest security and data governance requirements, so that factory operators are able to optimize their production and at the same time retain full control of their data.

Connectivity software for industrial data-driven services.

Cybus is on a mission to bring the power of the internet to industrial settings – linking Industry and Internet. Based in Hamburg, Germany, we make it secure and easy to acquire, provide and use industrial data. Thanks to that, we are reshaping the boundaries of industrial use-cases with a true Industrial Internet of Things.


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Hamburg, Germany

The  Cybus Connectware bridges the gap between high security requirements of manufacturing and and the connected world of digital services. It acts as translator between protocols and management layer, which allows easy, precise and controllable access by data consumers. Cross-data integration into on-site IT systems, local pre-processing  and detailed usage statistics are further functions which qualify the Connectware as a central data hub for the modern factory and industrial internet business cases.

Cybus GmbH

Herlingsburg 16

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