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Midwest Optical Systems has over 30 years of experience and innovation in optical design, fabrication and inspection. MidOpt is a worldwide leader in machine vision filters and optical solutions and is represented in over 30 countries, offers over 3,000 cutting-edge products. They are the creators of advanced StablEDGE™ filter design, providing superior wavelength control at any angle. MidOpt offers the largest selection mounting solutions to help customize any imaging applications.

A manufacturer of custom precision optical components and imaging solutions since 1988, Midwest Optical Systems - MidOpt - is recognized as the world’s leading resource for off-the-shelf and custom machine vision filters, lenses and accessories used in industrial imaging applications. MidOpt has an extensive history in optical component design, fabrication and inspection, and continues to develop innovative new products for industrial imaging that are simply not found elsewhere.

Industries served:

  • Machine Vision/Factory Automation
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Licence Plate Recognition/ITS
  • Medical and Iife science
  • Agricultural / NDVI
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Motion Analysis & Gaming
  • Photography and Cinematography

Innovative Filter Designs:

  • Optical Performance: high transmission, block unwanted light & maximize contrast
  • StablEDGE™ Technology: superior wavelength control at any angle or lens field of view
  • Unmatched Durability: designed for optimal performance in even the harshest environments
  • Exceptional Quality: 100% tested & inspected; surface quality exceeds industry standards
  • Product Availability: same-day shipping on 3,000+ mounted & unmounted filters

MidOpt’s complete line of filters cover the visible, near-infrared and UV spectrums

They represent the easiest, most cost effective method for ensuring the reliability, stability and repeatability of industrial imaging systems. MidOpt filters are rugged; environmentally stable; heat and solvent resistant; non-hygroscopic and oleophobic, and are easy to maintain.

Various designs are available for use in:

  • Refining color recognition and improving separation of subject matter
  • Easy viewing of desired features through contrast enhancement
  • Elimination of glare or hot spots from highly reflective surfaces
  • Saving cost, space and system maintenance and start-up time by eliminating the need for shrouding
  • Protecting camera lenses and lighting from dust, scratching and inhospitable environments
  • Enhancing lens resolving capability by greatly reducing chromatic aberrations.
  • Boosting system speed and efficiency while substantially decreasing false accepts/false rejects.
  • Reducing required luminous intensity, thereby saving on lighting cost and maximizing the lifespan of LED or other light sources.

Mounting Solutions and Availablity:

  • Largest Off-the-Shelf Offering: 3000+ mounted & unmounted filters in stock & ready to ship
  • Lens Filters: Threaded sizes: M13.25-M105 & Slip Mounts to accommodate lenses without filter threads
  • Camera Filters: 25.4™ C-Mount filters thread between lens & sensor. Unmounted shapes & sizes to suit any camera
  • Custom Mounting: Front and back of lens mounting solutions for S-mount lenses
  • Custom Fabrication: Filters can be made to various shapes & sizes

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MidOpt Filters – Where Image Quality Begins:

Bandpass filters are often one of the easiest ways to drastically improve image quality. They are designed with a Gaussian transmission curve to emulate the output of the most common types of LEDs used in machine vision and are great for testing the effects of monochromatic imaging. All MidOpt bandpass filters have an anti-reflection coating to ensure maximum transmission.

Multi Bandpass
Multi bandpass filters transmit two or three specific wavelength ranges through a single filter. They allow for natural color rendition during the day and near infrared illumination at night ensuring that precise, high-contrast images are obtained. This makes them a great choice for intelligent traffic solutions, security surveillance and agricultural inspection.

Longpass filters provide seamless transition from reflection to transmission and are available in many wavelengths, depending on the needs of your system. Longpass filters are best used in a controlled environment when multiple wavelengths need to be passed and are an economical solution for blocking excitation light in fluorescent applications.

Shortpass/Near IR Cut
Shortpass filters have unmatched transition from transmission to reflection and provide excellent contrast. They’re best used in color imaging to achieve natural color rendering and block infrared saturation.

Polarizing filters reduce reflection, enhance contrast and detect imperfections in transparent materials. They’re best used for applications that have overwhelming reflection when inspecting objects on shiny surfaces.
Neutral Density

Neutral density filters reduce light saturation and are recognized in the industry as “sunglasses for your system.” Both absorptive and reflective style options are available, and they’re best used for applications where there’s overpowering brightness. They serve as great solutions for lens aperture control and increasing field depth.

Protective filters are best used for lens protection. They’re made from high-quality polished glass and optical-grade acrylic and are available with anti-reflection coating to maximize transmission. Acrylic protective filters have an abrasion-resistant coating and are useful for FDA/EMA applications.

Light Balancing
Light balancing filters are used to achieve a more accurate color rendering and to keep costs low with LED or metal halide lighting. By blocking most of the blue spectrum transmitted by cool white LED lamps, the object being inspected has a more natural look to the human eye.

MidOpt filter test kits allow users to evaluate and improve image quality, solve applications quickly, instantly test the effects of color/wavelength, control the variability of ambient light, evaluate glare reduction, enhance contrast of objects or desired features and are available with ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) passbands. Being equipped with a large variety of lighting options can be impractical and expensive. Testing with MidOpt filters offers significant savings in time and resources when working toward an optimal lighting solution. Once an appropriate wavelength range has been determined, a bandpass filter is then used to complement the chosen lighting and control potential interference from ambient light.

Filter, lens & lighting accessories are available: Right Angle Attachments view at 90°; Extension Rings decrease MOD; Lens Enclosures to protect the lens; Step Adapter Rings allow for filter and lens size versatility; Close-Up Lens Sets increase focus distance; Cleaning Kits for all optics, lenses and lighting.

MidOpt supplies custom, stock and modified-stock optical components for a variety of applications and end uses. Orders ranging in volume for one to tens of thousands of pieces can be accommodated. Spherical Lenses; Cylindrical Lenses; Multi-Element Lenses; Windows & Dust Covers; Mirrors; Prisms; Wedges; Light Pipes; Diffusers; Mechanical Parts; Custom Filters; Beamsplitters.


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