Sightcorp is an independent spin-off from the Intelligent Systems Lab at the University of Amsterdam. Sightcorp technology is based on a solid scientific foundation that relies on more then 15 years of R&D in the automatic analysis of faces and human behavior. We are pioneers in the real-time measurement of facial expressions like happiness, anger and surprise, combined with age, gender, ethnicity, head gaze and precise eye tracking functionality. Sightcorp’s technology is revolutionizing how companies and brands all over the world understand, interact and engage their customers in market verticals like Retail, Digital Signage, Advertising, Market Research, Airports, Hospitality and more.

We provide state-of-the-art face analysis technologies. ranging from flexible SDKs to a end-to-end analytics solution for indoor and outdoor crowd analysis. We license our technologies to different market verticals,such as advertisement, market research, retail, robotics, hospitality, and HCI. We also perform custom development of Computer Vision and Machine learning applications.

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Sightcorp B.V. - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sightcorp has been able to transform advanced AI-based face analysis algorithms and technology into highly comprehensive, versatile software solutions that are available across all popular platforms. We are providing the “engine” that allows clients and partners to easily integrate and build all kinds of interactive and human-aware applications in various market verticals.                                                      

Sightcorp core technologies comprise two software development kits: CrowdSight SDK and InSight SDK. CrowdSight is a crowd Face Analysis Software Toolkit, which can track multiple people at once and at a far distance. It is able to uniquely capture an audience spontaneous behavior towards products, content or brands in different real-life environments. InSight is a Face Analysis Software Toolkit which is devoted to a single-user analysis in controlled environments. It uniquely combines emotion recognition, demographics and eye tracking, all-in-one solution.                        
Both SDKs offer high flexibility by working offline, in real-time and on all major desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android).

The Face Analytics Cloud Engine (F.A.C.E.) API from Sightcorp is an extremely fast and easy-to-use solution which provides CrowdSight unique features online. Developers and web-developers can now design, build and fully manage F.A.C.E.’s advanced functionality in their own apps, with no need to program in C++ or use powerful, costly hardware. F.A.C.E. works on all major desktop and mobile environments (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android) and in real-time.
Make your websites, services or applications smarter and more engaging by embedding AI-based analytics into them: emotions, age, gender, ethnicity, head pose and more.

CrowdStats Audience Analytics Tool
Built on top of advanced Face Analysis Technology, CrowdStats offers an intelligent audience measurement solution that provides you with actionable insights on people count, viewer engagement, mood, gender and age-brackets of your audience. The actionable Audience Analytics can be accessed through an intuitive online dashboard anywhere, anytime.



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