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The core competencies of SILVER ATENA cover the entire development lifecycle of safety-critical systems, including systems engineering, hardware engineering, software engineering, and safety and security engineering. Across different branches, SILVER ATENA has gained long-term experience in certification engineering.

  • System Engineering
  • Certification Engineering
  • Security Engineering
  • Safety Engineering
  • Engine Control Units
  • Test Systems
  • Mechanical Design
  • Industrial Design

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As a strategic partner in the area of electronics, SILVER ATENA assumes the responsibility for the development and the delivery of complete products. SILVER ATENA offers individual solutions which are developed and delivered on demand by the customer.

Moreover, SILVER ATENA can deliver a selection of standardised products which result from the experience in the field of engineering services. An active transfer of know-how between the domains leads to innovative developments. By consequently integrating the existing product suite and engineering services, SILVER ATENA produces innovative products which are not only technically mature but also respond exactly to the particular needs of the customer.

Systems Engineering

SILVER ATENA develops concepts and architectures of complex interactive systems, produces requirements analyses and defines interfaces for integrating systems. We monitor the performance of your suppliers and take charge of entire co-processes of development, for instance in the area of qualification, certification and verification.
With profound expertise in Systems Engineering, SILVER ATENA is known for professional competence and co-operation in international development projects with focus on
- Power Electronics
- Communication and Connectivity Systems
- Monitoring and Sensor Systems
- Video and Audio Systems
- Control Systems
- Fluid Systems (Pneumatic & Hydraulic)
Safety-relevant Systems Engineering is ensured by SILVER ATENA and implemented in accordance with common industry standards, verified by European accreditations.



Certification Engineering

Across different branches, SILVER ATENA has gained long-term experience in certification engineering along with our customer's system development projects and SILVER ATENA products.
Depending on your needs, our certification engineers support you in the following fields:
- Analysis of Standards and Processes
- Process development in compliance with the relevant industry standards
- Technology consulting
- Development of substatiation data on system, software and hardware level
- Guidance through certification reviews and audits
Based on the contribution to the development of future standards within international standardization bodies, SILVER ATENA is also capable to consult you regarding new or future certification challenges.

Security Engineering

Today’s trains, aircraft or cars rely on control systems that have numerous interfaces to the open world:
- Wired and Wireless links for monitoring, remote maintenance and software loading.
- Position data and traffic information for navigation.
- Untrusted electronic devices (USB drives, phones, tablets).
All those interfaces have to be carefully specified, designed and analyzed to prevent security flaws.
SILVER ATENA supports you in securing your systems through security-related systems engineering, security risk assessments and security tests.
Furthermore we adapt current security standards and processes from aviation industry towards other safety-related branches ind implement these into your regular development processes.

Safety Engineering

Over the years SILVER ATENA has proven its wide experience in RAMS Engineering (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety). As part of our core business we support the conception, management and development of high-integrity systems, providing analysis and evaluation services across a wide spectrum of safety critical industries. Our RAMS analysis methodology is applied during the entire life cycle: from requirements definition to design, implementation, operation and maintenance.

Our systematic approach allows an early assessment of risks, thereby delivering significant cost benefits to customers. 


SILVER ATENA Electronic Systems Engineering GmbH

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