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IMAGO develops and produces vision computer based on x86, DSP and ARM processors with Windows Embedded or Linux OS. For series machines and devices IMAGO offers the ecosystem which means example programs inclusive all interface like cameras, SW libraries and tools, I/O, fieldbus. IMAGO serves mainly OEM and ODM customers.

Professional hardware setup, final goods issue test, long-term products, serving the industrial market.

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Germany: Friedberg (Hessen) & Bensheim

VisionBox x86 | Windows Embedded | Linux

VisionBoxes optimized for machine vision applications, real time communication controller to provide all machine signals in real time.


VisionBox Octa | Real Time Operating System

8 Core Keystone DSP processor, Camera Link Interface, 1.000 MBit/s Ethernet, real time OS supports mainly line scan camera applications.


VisionBox LeMans | ARM A72 | Linux

Latest flagship with highest computing power at lowest power consumption: ARM A72 @ 2 GHz, 8 Cores, DDR4, 10 GBit/s, PCIe slots to plug in Imago´s and 3rd party interfaces.

Imago Vision Box ARM

VisionCam XM | ARM | Linux

Free programmable smart cameras for applications looking for an individual smart camera, support of embedded halcon library, incl. example program. Real time Ethernet fieldbus interface.


IMAGO Technologies GmbH

Strassheimer Strasse 45

61169 Friedberg


Phone: 004960316842611

Fax: 004960316842612


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