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Silver Curve provides consultancy and integration expertise for large and small projects in the digital media industry using embedded systems. Silver Curve works with some of the UK’s most prestigious companies to realise their digital media ambitions.

  • Wherever you are in your technology journey we are there to help and to inspire.
  • Our team has successfully designed and delivered complex, evolving systems to clients of all sizes.
  • We develop bespoke software solutions around off-the-shelf products to integrate digital media, Internet of Things and control solutions with our customers' data sources and their other systems.
  • We understand that goalposts will change during any long project.
  • Silver Curve works closely with you to ensure we develop an agile process to meet your evolving needs.

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Aperture: The power of a PC for the cost, energy usage and carbon footprint of an Android device.

Normal digital signage players run on a PC behind every screen. This expensive, energy intensive and old-fashioned practice means that digital signage is a costly solution for any company looking to modernise their advertising. Aperture runs on mobile phone chips rather than PCs, which don't get hot, use less power than an electric toothbrush, and provide the same visual quality as the PC they replace.

Silver Curve Ltd

25 Nutford Place

W1H 5YQ London

United Kingdom

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