Intenta GmbH

We are a young and innovative IT company located in Chemnitz, Germany. Our primary focus is the development and marketing of product lines based on our smart sensor Intenta S2000.

Intenta is on the cutting edge of research and development in the fields of image processing, data fusion, and object/person recognition and detection. Our competencies include:

  • stereo vision
  • 3D scene reconstruction
  • object detection and tracking
  • algorithm development
    • automatic white balance
    • demosaicing
    • classification
    • sfm
    • 2D image processing in general
  • design of embedded systems for image processing
    • smart camera solutions
  • embedded Linux
  • coding languages
    • vhdl
    • embedded C/C++
    • optimization for arm based processing units
  • video streaming
  • web technologies for embedded systems

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Headquarter in Chemnitz, Germany

Ingolstadt, Germany


Intenta Product

3D-Vision Technology

The Intenta S2000 represents a new generation of intelligent cameras. It is characterized by three-dimensional scene detection, which enables reliable, automatic person (even if partially concealed) and object recognition. 

Embedded System

Thanks to integrated image processing for the analysis of the data, no additional computing equipment is necessary. As a result, the transfer/ broadcast of video data can be omitted completely. This offers a variety of potential applications, especially in areas with high demands on data security. 


Functions and Applications

Access control, room surveillance, and the recognition and reporting of potentially dangerous situations are possible with the Intenta S2000, as well as the collection of statistical data (people counting, dwell-time measurement, etc.). 


Intenta GmbH

Annaberger Straße 240

09125 Chemnitz


Phone: +49 371 5347 760

Fax: +49 371 5347 761


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