Dream Chip Technologies GmbH

Dream Chip Technologies is a German engineering company supporting their European customers with SOC, FPGA, and embedded software designs not only for the consumer, industrial and automotive industry.

We develop embedded systems from specification to final product delivery. With a hugh portfolio of IP blocks for embedded imaging, we support customers to fasten their time to market. Customized electronic development , embedded software and algorithm development is also part of our engineering offering.

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Hannover, Germany
Hamburg, Germany

ASIC/FPGA development:
You need someone who will provide a complete portfolio from IC architecture to GDSII? Dream Chip Technologies has an average of 15 years SoC and ASIC design experience at your service – we are used to partition very complex RTL designs with millions of gates into multi-FPGA systems for validation and product development.

Our complete offering includes:

  • Concept & Feasibility studies
  • System specifications
  • Cost estimation and evaluation
  • Architecture and interface definition
  • IP selection, including Third Party IP
  • Implementation in VHDL or Verilog
  • Top Level and Functional Verification
  • Synthesis
  • FPGA mapping and validation
  • Place and Route
  • Layout
  • GDSII qualification
  • Foundry or FPGA selection
  • Chip delivery and logistics

Embbeded software development:
Embedded Software solutions are one of our specialties - Dream Chip Technologies will implement efficient Embedded Software solutions for any kind of micro controller or FPGA.

Please contact us for more information on:

  • Algorithm development for Image processing,object recognition and detection
  • Data streaming over wired and wireless networks
  • Gstreamer adaptations
  • Linux Board Support Packages (BSP)
  • Boot loader and kernel porting
  • Driver implementation and porting
  • C, C++ and Assembly
  • Silicon bring-up and test


PCB and system development:
Electronic development, certification and production from Germany’s largest independent Engineering Service Provider - Dream Chip Technologies offers a complete value chain of skilled engineering. We meet our client’s requirements from a turnkey product, down to a joined development with our experienced team.

  • Capture and analysis of requirements
  • Definition of solutions, architectures and implementations
  • Schematic entry
  • HDI PCB design up to 24 layers
  • 3D M-CAD
  • Board bring up and test
  • Prototype delivery
  • Certifications (CE, FCC and more)
  • Mass production delivery


Dream Chip Technologies GmbH

Steinriede 10

30827 Hannover


Phone: 05131/90805-130

Fax: 05131/90805-132

Web: www.dreamchip.de

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