Toradex is a Swiss based company with offices around the world, offering rugged and compact ARM<sup>®</sup>-based System on Modules (SOMs) and Customized SBCs well suited for embedded Computer Vision applications. Toradex<sup>®</sup>’s SOMs are powered by NVIDIA<sup>®</sup> and NXP<sup>®</sup> processors.

Toradex® offers rugged and compact ARM®-based System on Modules that can be used for building a variety of industrial and embedded applications. The BSPs for Windows Embedded Compact and Embedded Linux, that are available with these modules are developed in-house. This allows Toradex® to optimize HW and SW to provide best-in-class performance. The high-end modules bring NVIDIA®'s Tegra SoCs with support for CUDA, OpenCV, VisionWorks,... the lower-end modules allow embedded Computer Vison for price sensitive products.

Toradex®'s direct sales business model connects it closely with its customers.Toradex®'s free support includes an extensive Developer Center, Community Forum and access directly to the development engineers.

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Toradex AG, Horw, Switzerland (Global Headquarters)
Toradex Inc.,Seattle, WA, United States
Toradex Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Toradex (China) Ltd., Shanghai, PR of China
Toradex K.K., Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Toradex K.K., Osaka, Japan
Toradex Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India
Toradex Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India
Toradex Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India

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System on Modules (SOMs)

Toradex® offers compact and reliable ARM®-based System on Modules. The robust hardware is complemented with a reliable software, both developed in-house. Toradex® has more than decade of expertise in offering embedded computers that are used by thousands of companies in a variety of industries and ambient conditions. Compatible Carrier Boards and Accessories are available for these SOMs.


Apalis SOM Family

The Apalis SOM family is intended for high-end applications that need advanced performance and supreme graphics. The family includes: Apalis TK1 (based on NVIDIA Tegra K1), Apalis iMX6 (based on NXP i.MX 6Dual/6Quad, and Apalis T30 (based on NVIDIA Tegra 3). The high-end modules support CUDA, OpenCV, VisionWorks, Deep Learning Frameworks, Qt, OpenGL 4.4, OpenGL ES 3.1,... Camera interfaces include: USB 3.0, MIPI-CSI, Parallel Camera, GigiE, PCIe,...


Colibri SOM Family

The small form-factor Colibri SOM family is ideal for low to medium-end applications. The family includes: Colibri T30 (based on NVIDIA Tegra 3), Colibri T20 (based on NVIDIA Tegra 2), Colibri iMX6 (based on NXP i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite), Colibri iMX7 (based on NXP i.MX 7Solo/Dual), Colibri VF61 (based on NXP VF6xx), and Colibri VF50 (based on NXP VF5xx). All modules provide a parallel camera interface, some accept direct analog video input signals. All the SOMs within each family are pin-compatible.



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6048 Horw


Phone: +41 415004800

Fax: +41 413408087


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