Smilart develops unique algorithms and methods for facial biometry, especially for is real-time face recognition. Our solutions are used by private and govermental customers in several countries.

- biometry 

- face detection 

- face recognition

- non-cooperative face recognition

- person identification

- real time biometry 

- age classification

- gender classification

- computer vision

- high performance computing


- deep neural networks

Founded in

2009 in Russia

No. of employees



Headquarters - Stuttgart, Germany
R&D - Vologda Russia
Sales Eastern Europe - Moscow/Russia

Smilart Biometry Platform is a software technology stack which uses facial recognition algorithms to reliably identify humans in cooperative and non-cooperative real-time scenarios. It uses state-of-the-art algorithms which are a culmination of years of research in the fields of computer vision, digital signal processing and machine learning. They can robustly identify people and have proven to be resistant to occlusions, aging, pose and even glasses.

Smilart Biometry Platofrm can be used in: - Physical Securty Systems - Identity and ID Verification - Marketing Research - Retail - Internet Services It features: - Face Detection and Recognition - Gender and Age Classification - Identification and Verification workflows - Open and Modular Architecture By utilizing Graphics Processing Units (GPU), it achieves top performance for all our algorithm implementations. For less demanding applications, CPU versions are also available. It can easily be integrated with existing or newly-created systems. We use open, widely-used AMQP protocol for cross-server communication. Every system can interact with the platform from almost any environment or programming language (C/C++, Java, C#, etc).



Hospitalstr. 35

70174 Stuttgart


Phone: +49 711 219 57360


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