ATEsystem s.r.o.

ATEsystem offers system development and integration in the field of machine vision and test & measurement and distributes machine vision components in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • ATEsystem is machine vision components distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • ATEsystem provides free feasibility studies of computer vision tasks.
  • ATEsystem offers free loan of machine vision components and accessories.
  • ATEsystem supplies solutions and services to both machine builders and end users.
  • ATEsystem is capable of delivering complete turn-key solutions in the field of machine vision and test&measurement.
  • ATEsystem is a National Instruments Alliance member and bases its solutions on seamless integration of Basler cameras and NI software/hardware.
  • ATEsystem provides in-house technical support.

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Ostrava, Czech Republic

Basler dart Camera with Tamron Motorized Lens

The assembly of the Basler dart camera, motorized lens and control unit features electronic control of zoom, focus,
aperture and IR filter. USB 3.0 is used to transfer the image into PC, to configure the camera and to supply power; you
can use all drivers and software compatible with Basler dart cameras. The lens is controlled from PC via USB 2.0 which
emulates a serial link, or you can use opto isolated digital inputs from PLC or just buttons. For the embedded systems,
UART interface is also available, but shared with a converter to USB 2.0, so the choice between USB 2.0 and UART is
determined by HW modification before distribution. The use of USB 2.0 requires a special adapter cable because the
USB connector on the camera is replaced with more durable connector - Hirose.
Hardware is delivered in a design suitable for installation with M4 mounting holes. The control electronics is housed
in aluminium frame, which also functions as a heat sink. Digital output of dart camera is connected to I/O connector
to allow trigger of external illumination. This way it is possible to precisely synchronize illumination with camera frame

Integrated Heatsink and Holder for Basler ace cameras

Holder and heatsink for Basler ace cameras with easy mounting on standard mounting systems (e.g. Balluff). Use only holder with 12 mm pin or in assembly with heatsink reducing image noice thanks to better heat dissipation.

Camera Heatsing holder

Machine Vision Systems for Car Headlamp Manufacturing
Machine vision systems for assembly and testing of car headlamp modules and complete headlamps. Manual or automatic assembly and testing. Testing of traditional (bulb) or progressive (xenon discharge lamp, LED, laser) light sources. Testing of AFS (Adaptive Frontlighting Systems) and LWR (Headlight Levelling System). Testing of startup process of xenon discharge lamps (burn-in test). Inspection of LED array homogeneity and color. Identification of faulty LEDs (changes in color and brightness). Setting of color and flux bins (harmonization of color and brightness of LED arrays). Inspection of LED turn indicator stepping by a high speed camera (wiping). Inspection of matrix front lights (limitation of driver glare). Part presence inspection during assembly. Unique inspection of hard coating and anti-fog coating on headlamp cover glass. Measurement of headlamp electrical parameters. Communication with the lamp via CAN or/and LIN.


ATEsystem s.r.o.

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