Inforce Computing, Inc.

Inforce leverages mobile and Internet technologies to provide long lifecycle Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor-based miniature compute platforms. Inforce also provides hardware and software design, and manufacturing services to help customers innovate, accelerate, and scale their designs to market.

The main competencies of Inforce are in the fields of:

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor-based off-the-shelf embedded boards, single board computers, system on modules, build-to-order boards, custom design engineering services, BSP & driver development. Inforce provides targeted/ready-made building blocks optimized for industry specific applications to take your design to the market faster. Vertical specific solutions in robotics/UAV, videoconferencing/collaboration, medical imaging, and wearable hands-free computing can be quickly put together with several readily available hardware and software building blocks, such as:

  • HDMI to CSI conversion (HDMI-in)
  • LVDS to HDMI conversion (Dual-HDMI out)
  • DSI to HDMI conversion
  • Drivers for peripherals such as MIPI-CSI cameras, LVDS/MIPI-DSI displays, USB3.0, USB OTG, PCIe, SATA, WiFI, Bluetooth, GbE, GPS, etc.
  • Stutter free rendering
  • Full Android and Linaro BSP
  • Fastboot Android
  • Full thermal and EMI analysis
  • Extended temperature range operation (-30C to +85C) SKUs
  • Accessories such as high-resolution and stereo camera modules, LCD/touch control displays, sensor boards, etc.
  • Assisting customers take their designs through stringent FCC, FDA, CE, and UL certifications.

Software and SDKs from Qualcomm and other 3rd parties that work with Inforce’s Snapdragon based platforms include:

  • Snapdragon LLVM Compiler for Android (C/C++ compiler for Snapdragon processors running Android)
  • Snapdragon Performance Visualizer
  • Trepn Profiler(for performance and power profiling of Android applications)
  • Trepn Plug-in for Eclipse
  • Adreno™ GPU Profiler (GPU performance analysis, debugging, and optimize visual apps)
  • Adreno™ GPU SDK (tools, libraries, samples, documentation, and tutorials)
  • Hexagon™ DSP SDK (software dev. kit to access the Hexagon DSP computing resources)
  • AllJoyn™ Intelligent Proximal Connectivity (a platform for collaborative open source to create Alljoyn-enabled applications)
  • Vuforia™ Augmented Reality SDK (AR technology platform from PTC)
  • Snapdragon VR SDK (Available 2Q 2016; access to optimized, advanced AR features)
  • FastCV™ Computer Vision SDK (for gesture and face detection, tracking, and recognition and AR)
  • Snapdragon SDK for Android (facial processing/recognition)
  • Symphony System Manager SDK (APIs for heterogenous compute offload)
  • Snapdragon Micro Rover (Design and assembly instructions)
  • Dronecode™ Open-source UAV platform (support from the Linux Foundation)



Founded in


No. of employees

More than 50


Fremont, California (Silicon Valley/WW Headquarters)
Bangalore, India
Kochi, India
Penang, Malaysia

Off the shelf (OTS) Single-board-computers (SBCs), System-on-Modules (SoMs), Development Kits
Inforce Computing designs and manufactures purpose built SoMs, SBCs, and full-fledged development kits based on four generations of advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon applications processors. These plug-and-play products provide high-density compute and connectivity demanded by next-gen embedded systems. The Inforce SoMs are cross compatible with multiple Snapdragon family based platforms, ensuring easy migration to newer mobile technologies. Inforce's OTS SoMs and SBCs are production ready for volume manufacturing.


Custom Hardware and Software Design Services
Inforce also provides custom hardware and software design services, while taking customers through stringent FCC, FDA, CE, and UL certifications to accelerate customer designs to market. Inforce also provides products that can fit into extended operating temperature ranges (-30C to +85C).

Inforce also designs and sells accessories such as high-resolution and stereo camera modules, LCD/touch control displays, sensor boards, peripheral abstraction core mezzanine cards, etc.

Inforce Computing, Inc.

48820 Kato Road Ste 600B

94538 Fremont (Silicon Valley)

United States

Phone: +1(510) 683-9999

Fax: +1 (510) 683-9909


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