Masseev provides a DOOH audience measurement solution for analytics and advanced targeting applications, effectively deployed among the largest shopping centers in France and Canada. Having Consistently invest in Research and Development, Masseev uses state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

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Paris, France

MassAnalytics is an audience measurement and qualification solution based on image analysis algorithms for face detection,2D and 3D tracking for position estimation, age/gender classification and deduplication.

Audience data is sent in real-time to Masseev servers or can be store locally and aggregated for future analysis if low quality or no internet access is available.
The data are fully anonymous since only aggregates quantities are stored. The native-video-stream is analyzed in real-time then fully discarded.
General Key Performance Indicators are available:
- Opportunity to see
- Time distribution of audience
- Age/Gender ratios
- Attention rate / Mean attention time
Highly customizable dashboards allows straightforward performance comparison :
- Several charts to quickly analyze and synthesize your data
- Customizable point-to-poin and time-relative performance indicators
- PDF reports generation and csv export

Several API protocols are available for real-time data exchange in advanced applications like capping and targeting.


357 rue de Vaugirard

75015 Paris


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