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Pyramics provides data and hardware solutions to measure the success of marketing efforts. For this purpose we developed the intelligent optical Sensor Pysense in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits.

  • Development of intelligent optical Sensors
  • Special adjustments of Sensor functionality
  • Customized API Interfaces
  • Customized object recognition algorithms
  • Data analytics

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Berlin, Germany

Pysense (Product)

Pysense is an optical Sensor designed to capture anonymous data on age, gender, ad-interactions and emotions of customers and advertising audience. It uses Fraunhofer IIS´s world leading SHORE-Software for facial recognition and a state-of-the-art system-on-a-modul. This innovative combination allows Pysense to run computationally intensive facial recognition on a device smaller than a common smartphone. The compact device needs only a regular power supply and can be attached nearly everywhere in a store or to out-of-home displays. Since the process of capturing and analyzing pictures takes place solely on the device there is no need to store or transmit pictures containing personal data. Exclusively anonymous data like age and gender leaves the sensor. This practice complies with current European privacy laws.

Pyreport (Solution)

Managers rely on the right metrics and easy to use analytics-tools to improve their marketing decisions. For this purpose we developed the web-analytics-tool Pyreports. It´s customizable dashboard allows a quick overview about the flow of customers in your store and their ad interactions. To analyze the data in more detail, it offers pre-build templates for the most common applications. In addition users can easily create their own analyses using the intuitive Drag-and-Drop control. Alternatively Pyramics offers APIs to integrate the data into existing systems and weekly PDF reports.

Pyramics UG

Bismarckstarße 10-12

10625 Berlin


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