X-SPEX is developer and manufacturer of OEM video recording and visualization products called „DIRIS“. These DIRIS systems are designed for easy product integration and configuration by OEM customers as well as reliable and easy operation by the end user. DIRIS hardware and software is configurable.

X-SPEX can offer:

  • many different input standards
  • multiple multiplexed inputs
  • multi channel inputs (parallel)
  • low live view delay incl. overlay (down to 0 ms)
  • parallel video and image recording
  • independent image manipulation for live view and recording
    • digital zoom / pan / tilt
    • overlay / picture-in-picture
  • network interfaces, incl. IP-Streaming, FTP, push services
  • multiple live outputs incl. direct display output by LVDS
  • Incl. touch operation and display brightness control
  • local operations by buttons and touch panel as well as
  • remote control by UART and IP
  • battery management for mobile devices (LiO or LiFePO4)
  • super cap management for integrated USV function
  • power, PWM and EN für camera light

Founded in


No. of employees



Berlin, Germany

DIRIS products provide many special features, e.g.

- configurable overlay for live view and/or recording
- down to 0 ms visualization delay
- autosplit of long recordings
- various inputs incl. CameraLink
- direct display connection (LVDS)

Auxilliary products enhance functionality, e.g.:
- battery control for mobile devices
- IO adapter to support fast time to market

Customer specific requirements addressed by multiple steps:
1. software configuration, e.g.
    boot logo, graphics, PWM steps, zoom stages, fonts,
    menu structure, color scheme, …
2. hardware assembly options, e.g.
   Different interfaces, different sockets (external/internal)
3. software enhancement, eg.
    customer‘s UART protocol
4. hardware variants, eg.
    interface combination, special ports, PCB outline, ...


Albert-Einstein-Str. 14

12489 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 / 7076 1363

Fax: +49 30 / 7076 1368

Web: http://diris.eu

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