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SECO produces Qseven®, COM Express™, SMARC, SBCs, custom and standard, both ARM and x86 based. Co-founder of Qseven® standard and SGET member. European pioneer and a leader in the embedded PC technology, turning product ideas into mass production. Sporty team spirit, experienced engineering staff and company owned production lines. Engineering, SMT lines and assembly in Arezzo / Tuscany. Products made in EU. High quality and competitive pricing. Integration and customization.

SECO  develops and manufactures embedded PC modules and systems for a wide range of applications.

SECO competences include:

  • designing modules, carrierboards, compact SBCs and (sub-) systems
  • ARM and x86 based
  • innovating
  • customizing
  • board support packages (BSP)  that perfectly match our modules and SBCs
  • SECO owned SMT production in  Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy)
  • mechanical assembling in Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy)
  • close interaction between development and production
  • creating and setting standards (Co-founder of Qseven® standard and SGET)

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  • SECO srl, Arezzo, Italy (HQ)
  • SECO Milan Sales Office, Italy
  • SECO Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
  • SECO USA Inc., Boston, USA
  • SECO Embedded India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India
  • SECO Taipei Office, Taiwan
  • SECO Tokyo Office, Japan
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    SECO offers very compact and easy to mount computing power for your embedded vision project.

    SBC (x86 and ARM i.MX6)

    If you search a ready to use solution and if you can live with standard interfaces you can choose one of SECO's compact single-board computers.

    x86: SBC-A44-pITX is a pITX single-board computer with Intel® Bay Trail CPUs.
    Easy to mount on a heatspreader or heatsink because the CPU is on the back-side.
    It measures only 100 x 72 mm and is availble also in industrial temperature range and will be delivered longterm.

    ARM: SBC-A62-J is a low-cost but high-quality single-board computer with NXP i.MX6 CPUs.
    You can choose between single, dual-lite, dual and quad core CPU. It comes along with a CSI camera interface.
    SBC-A62-J measures only 110 x 86,5 mm and is also available in industrial temperature range and will be delivered longterm.

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    Modular (x86 and ARM i.MX6)

    If you can't live with standard interfaces and if you need a custom solution, develop your own carrier board or let SECO develop a carrier board for you.
    Choose one of SECO's Qseven® modules and you will have the best of both worlds. A standard module on your  custom board.

    x86: Q7-A36 is a cost-effective and mobile-oriented Qseven® module based on Intel® Bay Trail CPUs.
    It features an onboard soldered eMMC and a camera interface.
    deal for applications in HMI, Industrial automation and control, portable devices and in-vehicle infotainment systems.
    It is availble also in industrial temperature range and will be delivered longterm.

    ARM: Q7-928 offers top computational and graphical performances given by low-power consuming ARM architecture.
    This Qseven® module is based on the NXP i.MX6 CPUs and integrates i.MX6 Multimedia Applications platform from NXP, a multimedia processor integrating a multicore Cortex® A9 ARM Core (up to Quad Core processors) and a camera interface. It is also available in industrial temperature range and will be delivered longterm.

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    When you start your modular project, you'll need a ready to use platform.

    CQ7-A42 is a full featured carrier board for Qseven® Rel. 2.0 compliant CPU modules.

    It can be used with any Qseven® Rel. 2.0 compliant module without incompatibilities or loss of functionalities.
    The board has been designed for taking advantage of all possible features offered by x86 and ARM architectures on SECO Qseven® modules.

    It has been developed most of all as a development board to explore the possibilities offered by Qseven® modules,
    but it could also be a good solution for low volumes production for companies that do not want to develop a customised carrier board.

    SECO s.r.l.

    Via Calamandrei 91

    52100 Arezzo


    Phone: +39-0575-26979


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