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Zühlke is a service provider for innovation projects. By combining both business and technology expertise, we create solutions that satisfy our customers. We develop financially successful products, services and business models for today’s digital world - from coming up with the initial idea through to the implementation and operation. We can achieve this by drawing on the experience of over 730 in-house experts and of more than 8,000 successful projects.

The internet of things:

From developing the mechanical systems and electronics, to cloud backends and mobile apps, we cover the full spectrum of consulting and engineering disciplines for the internet of things.

We generate genuine added value for you and your customers at the interface between the physical and the digital. As your innovation partner, we deliver faster development of market-ready IoT solutions.

Zühlke Engineering GmbH has long-standing experience providing end-to-end IoT solutions, including consulting, hard- and software development for the digital transformation of business processes.

Basler camera systems offer high-quality digital imagery that can be used as central sensor information in IoT projects. Zühlke can support customers in the selection of suitable components from Basler and other vendors, the development of automated camera rigs and mounts for various verticals, as well as the transfer of camera data into IT infrastructure such as cloud or on-premise installations. In collaboration with our data science team, customers can leverage the power of digital image processing, state-of-the-art image recognition as well as advanced machine learning methods such as deep neural networks. Information derived from the computational analysis of raw data means actionable insight, but only if such information can be used to influence business processes.

Here, Zühlke can build on decades of IT integration and process optimization projects in various verticals, in fields as diverse as finance, transport, medical and manufacturing. We can provide seamless integration with new, bespoke software that accurately reflects your current business needs, as well as data transfer into legacy systems and/or hybrid solutions.

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Swiss (Schlieren (HQ), Bern)

Germany (Eschborn (HQ), Stuttgart, Hannover, Hamburg, München)

Austria (Wien)

UK (London (HQ), Manchester)

Serbia (Belgrad)

Singapur/HongKong (in process)

Enterprise solutions:

Our integrated enterprise portal solutions provide a basis for innovations to enthuse and inspire your corporate customers and business partners. They enable faster visualisation, greater transparency and sound decision-making. Our portal solution is not an island solution, but integrates seamlessly with your existing IT systems and is designed to deliver where off-the-shelf software leaves you wanting. Whether on desktop, tablet or smartphone, you get an outstanding user experience throughout.

Medical technology/pharmaceuticals:

We use a lean approach to develop new products and business processes rapidly, taking overall responsibility for all areas of development (software, electronics and mechanical engineering), right through to the mass production phase. In doing so, we ensure that the focus remains firmly on the user.

Digital transformation plays a key role in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. We use our expertise in the field to support you in developing your digital strategy, as well as with data protection and IT security.


With many years of engineering practice under our belts, we have gained unique insights into all facets of innovation, and, thanks to our experience adapting crossover solutions from other industries, we know what really makes the difference. You can rely on us to guide your business through the innovation process from start to finish – from creative idea generation, feasibility analysis and the development process, right through to the successful product.

Zühlke Technology Group

Düsseldorfer Str. 38

65760 Eschborn (Frankfurt)


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