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Avionic Design operates in the development and production of electronic components for the embedded environments. Our core competencies are technical solutions through the use of our multimedia know how. Applications range from avionic, medical, robotics, automation, surveillance, camera, .. A close cooperation with our customers, from the concept through the developmental stages to final solution, is fundamental to our quality philosophy. In this way we are able to quickly implement hard- and software solutions. From the initial idea through to serial production, we cover all areas of activity.


Electronics Development
Design is in accordance with specific requirements and forms the basis of development. From this we create electronic schematics and board layouts to complete prototypes. Microprocessors, FPGAs, DSPs, microcontrollers, displays and cameras are the core components of our developments. Through interfaces such as CSI, DSI, SubLVDS, SDI, WLAN, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, GSM or a DSL connection we create a flexible connective capability from our platforms to a variety of systems.
VHDL coding of FPGAs is one of the other activities of our development team. By using high-performance FPGAs we can offer highly integrated, customized hardware solutions e.g. Video Scaler, Ethernet cores, Graphic Controller and PCI express.

Mechanical Development
State-of-the-art, efficient development tools such as Solid Works, are fundamental in the development of mechanical components. Due to our rapid prototyping system, we are capable of producing stable functional models within a few hours. We use metal plastic and glass in our developments, as well as injection model procedures.

Operating systems such as Windows CE and Embedded Linux are used in our products. The adjustment of boot loaders and operating systems on different platforms is made by our software engineering team. They carry out the development of software modules such as DLLs, drivers and applications with graphical user interfaces (GUI).

Basically, we consider our products as part of a whole system. This means for us a thorough and innovative integration of our products with other system components. Extensive testing and system integration occurs on site before commissioning, it goes without saying.
We are familiar with different qualification tests (RTCA DO160; CE) and offer our expertise and support. After sales service is available to keep our customers components cutting edge. Where it comes to updates, improvements and modifications, you can count on our expertise and cooperation.

We create production manuals, training materials or component Maintenance Manuals (CMM according to ATA standards) depending on your requirements.


PCB Population
With our machinery set for efficient PCB assembly, we can quickly and flexibly assemble the circuit boards for our products. Paste printers, pick and place machines and vapour phase soldering machines are used effectively to ensure reliable assembly results.
With an automatic optical inspection system (AOI) we visually monitor printed circuit board assembly.

Qualified personnel perform the assembly of high quality components. Small and large batches of up to several 1000 units per year are not a problem for us, therefore we provide a tracking system for production batches.
An overpressure-table is available for special dust free assembly work. Our store as well as the production area is equipped to be an ESD compliant work environment.

We undertake comprehensive and accurate output tests to ensure that our products meet the required standards. For every device that passes our final testing procedure a record of testing is filed.

Maintenance and service of the equipment we supply is of the up most importance. It is our primary objective to carry out necessary maintenance and updates with a short turnaround time. Close and effective co-operation with our customers helps us to keep this process simple and efficient.

Avionic Design is ISO9100 certified.

We are a system integrator Partner of Nvidia in the embedded section of low power high performance GPU solutions.

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Hamburg, Germany

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Avionic Design offers the full range of services from consulting, hardware, software and mechanical design to production of PCBs or Units.

Next to that we have "System on a Modules" with the Nvidia Tegra K1 and T20 processors.

- Requirement specification
- Proof of concepts
- Technology selection
- Product and design definition

Engineering Services:
- Hardware design
   - Schematics, Layouts
   - FPGAs

- Software design
   - Low level software
   - Linux kernel
   - Driver development
   - Bootloader
   - Deep Learning Implementation for e.g.:
      - Material Inspection
      - Automation
      - Classification
      - Detection, Recognition

- Mechanical design
   - Plastic, matal and glass
   - Injection model procedures

- We execute and support tests according to CE, UL, DO160 and others

- We have an in house production for prototypes and small quantities up to several thousand pieces
- SMT and THT
- Testing
- Unit assembly
- Repair shop

System on a Module:
- Nvidia Tegra K1
- Nvidia Tegra T20


Avionic Design

Wragekamp 10

22397 Hamburg


Phone: +49 40 88 187 0

Fax: +49 40 88 187 150

Web: http://www.avionic-design.de

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