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What is text normalization?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 12
I am learning natural language processing (NLP). Recently I encountered the term "text normalization". Can...

Do I need to rewrite project in Tensorflow 2?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
I have an old project that I want to use again. It is written in TensorFlow 1. Do you think I should rewri...

Square error for logistic regression

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi! Help me please to clarify it. Why we can not use square error as cost function for logistic regression...

Neural network using JavaScript

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 6
Hi everybody! I am a professional web developer. My primary programming language is JavaScript. I use JS a...

Bidirectional sequence models

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
I know about such neural networks as LSTM and GRU, which are good for working with sequence data. But rece...

Dense neural networks for computer vision problems

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 5
I know that convolutional neural networks are used in all areas of modern computer vision. But what is the...

Why traditional RNN isn't working in practice?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
I have heard that traditional recurrent neural networks aren't suitable for use in real life. Other types ...

Can NN achieve the same results as RNN?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Speaking about real-life implementation, can the single-layer neural network work as good as RNN?

Classification based on the taxonomy

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 9
I need to perform classification of companies according to the defined taxonomy. It has 3 levels. How I c...

How do I use DNNEstimator from tensorflow?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
When researching which algorithm to use in the text classification I stumbled upon usage of DNNClassifier....

Should I migrate to TensorFlow 2.0?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 8
I heard about new version of TensorFlow and that it is more simple, like 'keras'. But does it lose it term...

Size of training data for neural network

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 6
I have a time series forecasting task. I have heard that LSTM neural networks are one of the best algorith...

How to inspect learned parameters of the layer in Keras?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 4
My current project includes training the deep neural network for natural text processing. I want to be abl...

Image normalization in Keras

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 4
I'm trying to do image classification with Keras. I have read that it is usually a good idea to normalize ...

What impact cause feature scaling on the model performance?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
While working with data preprocessing before modelling few questions rose in my head. Is it possible that ...

AI tools for food recognition

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 4
I want to build and app for the restaurant that will recognise food on the clients trays. What should I st...

Difference between Keras and tf.Keras

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
I'm interested in what is the difference between Keras framework for neural networks creation and the tf.k...

Finding trends and seasonality. Which algorithm to use?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 4
I'm interested in whether there are any specific algorithms for finding seasonal trends in data?

Similar images finding with neural networks

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 4
Recently I have seen the task where the application should find similar images to the given image. I suppo...

How CNN can be used for NLP problems?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are widely used in computer vision. But recently I realized that they...

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