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What is embedded vision?

Created by:  |  Replies: 0
This video will help you learn what is embedded vision, and how embedded vision is changing the way humans...

Projectmanagement for my vision projects

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
I am working in several projects with friends. Which tools do you use for managing all of your vision proj...

Problem with multiprocessing library in Python

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 6
I need to speed up the execution of my code. After I had written the synchronized version of my code, I ha...

What algorithm / C# library can I use for specific facial expression recognition?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
I'm building some C# app written in Unity3D on facial expressions recognition and I'm on the way of facial...

Can NN achieve the same results as RNN?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Speaking about real-life implementation, can the single-layer neural network work as good as RNN?

Rover moves and position tracking

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Hello everyone. I'm on my first attempts at tracking my rover. I completely stuck on the level how should ...

Get OAuth tokens programmatically

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 5
Hi everybody! I'm building my web application and there is a need to use 3rd party API. This API uses the ...

"Database is locked" error

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 8
I have developed a small web project using Django as a backend. Recently I became to face "Database is loc...

Smart home ecosystem

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 6
I want to make my home smart. For this, I need to buy smart devices that will make my life more comfortabl...

Python's asyncio and threading

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 4
I want to learn more about advanced Python topics. At the moment, I am focused on how parallelism is real...

Chess algorithm for weak CPU

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Hi forum! I am looking for a simple chess algorithm that will work on my 256MHz Intel CPU. I heard that M...

Wierd print function

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Guys, I'm a Python learner and sometimes I meet code examples where the output is formed not by usual prin...

Center the object that constantly changes speed

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
I'm tracking an object moving in the sky. The problem is that I can track objects that have a steady speed...

Searching for proper NLP algorithm for prediction

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
Hello! I’m a newbie in the NLP, so currently I’m struggling with the following problem. Let’s assume, that...

Using NCC for comparison of multiple images

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
I’m about using normalized cross correlation for similarity comparison of two images. Is there a way of do...

Connected World

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
Matching to our current Smart Life Contest, in which the submission phase is closed, what do you think in ...

Badges & Points? Tell us your opinion!

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 4
Hi guys! Right now we use a point system to increase your level whenever you share knowledge and insigh...

ما هو الاردوينو

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3

Regarding C++ with image processing online course

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hello Geeks, I am looking for Image or Video processing with C++ online course . Any one could plese sugg...

Hack the hackers

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Is it possible to retake control of my hacked android by doing the same to them and blocking them with the...

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