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Collaboration on Tablesoccer analysis project

Created by:  |  Replies: 0
Hi Guys, as you probably will notice my Tablesoccer analysis project is not finished yet, and there is st...

How many USB3 Cameras on a TX1?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi, I have a probably trivial questions. I'm building a system with three Basler Cameras  ( USB 3.0 , 192...

BCAM interface | Embedded Vision Systems | Dual Core ARM A15

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi! Basler offers the BCAM interface (LVDS) to connect a camera directly to the input interface of a compu...

Someone interested in astronomy photograpy with Basler cameras?

Created by:  |  Replies: 0
Hi all, anybody interested in adding support for Basler Cameras to famous Star Guider / Tracker Project Op...

How to use Basler cameras on an Nvidia TX1??

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 3
Hi. I'm building a machine vision system by using a Basler Camera and a Nvidia TX1. I can’t get the Nvidi...

USB camera with Arduino?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Can I conenct a usb camera with Arduino? For recognizing motion.

Alternative to Pi Cam?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Hi I am looking for a camera working with raspberry pi. You know cameras compatible with raspberry?    

Time delay between immediate Trigger mode?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi. What is the time delay between Immediate Trigger Mode Off/On on Basler dart camera (USB 3 interface)?

Saving camera setting of Basler Gige Camera

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
I am using Basler Ace Series Gige Camera (acA4600-7gc). I also want to store settings of hardisk. Is ther...

Error: "Failed to submit transfer status=0xe2100001"?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Hi community, I hope, someone can help me. What does the USB3.0 error "Failed to submit transfer statu...

image processing with robot

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
How to process an image using a camera mounted on the robot.Essentially sending controls to robot with ard...

e-con Systems Launches 13MP MIPI Camera for NVIDIA Jetson TX1

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 0
e-con Systems announces the launch of the much awaited MIPI camera board for NVIDIA® Jetson Tegra X1 devel...

Performance of Nvidia Jetson TK1 with Basler GigE, machine vision at 200fps

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi, I got my Basler ace - acA800-200gm GigE camera and want to use it for my mechanical-optical laborator...

Machine Vision with On-Board compression

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
I'm looking for a 4K 30 fps color global shutter solution that will output jpegs in a 12 second, 360 frame...

exposure issue of Basler daA1600-60BM camera

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi, We are using  Basler daA1600-60bm-CS cameras. We would like to check the ability to  control  the Bas...

e-con Systems ...

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 0

ROS Slam

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi, does anybody know a good tutorial or example good for a robot SLAM system? based on ROS? Cheers!

Best OS for r0b0t program1ng?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi, I see lotts linux exemples hiere and not many windows. Why? i dont wnt linx install.

Front bumper camera for SUV. Ideas?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
So I have a request from my wife. She would like a camera on the front bumper of her car, for similar purp...

pylon gstreamer: Could not make x264enc encoder

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 6
Hi All: I'm not sure if this is the right place but I am having trouble getting my pylon gstreamer workin...

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