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Odroid XU 4: does it work with pylon 5?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Hi. Does an Odroid XU 4 works with pylon 5? Some already tested that?

Upgrading opencv to 3.0?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Opencv 2.4.8 used to work out of the box with Ubuntu 14.04. I tried upgrading to 3.0 recently, but even wit...

Register images with Limereg

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 0
Hi Group, ever needed to find out the rigid correlation between two images very quickly (off-placement i...

USB camera with Arduino?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
Can I conenct a usb camera with Arduino? For recognizing motion.

Which sensor for ball detection?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 1
I want to calculate positioning of a pingpong ball (area of the whole ping pong table).  Which sensor sh...

How many USB3 Cameras on a TX1?

Created by:  |   |  Replies: 2
Hi, I have a probably trivial questions. I'm building a system with three Basler Cameras  ( USB 3.0 , 19...

Someone interested in astronomy photograpy with Basler cameras?

Created by:  |  Replies: 0
Hi all, anybody interested in adding support for Basler Cameras to famous Star Guider / Tracker Project Ope...

Professional Multicore ARM A72 | Linux

Created by:  |  Replies: 0
ARM based CPU offer different class of computing power: ARM A8-A9-A15-A53-A57-A72. On top the A72 offers th...

CamRap reboot

Created by:  |  Replies: 0
Hi, is anybody interested in trying to reboot the reprap CamRap project? http://reprap.org/wiki/CamRa...

Collaboration on Tablesoccer analysis project

Created by:  |  Replies: 0
Hi Guys, as you probably will notice my Tablesoccer analysis project is not finished yet, and there is s...