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Welcome to the Imaginghub forum!

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-- UPDATE NETIQUETTE June 2021 -- Dear Users, Do you have a problem with an application and want to tal...

Код ОФД для кассы за 2 минуты

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Получите код активации для ОФД кассы за 2 минуты Источник: ="» касса ="» https://magazin-ofd.ru/

IP67 GMSL2 Global Shutter Multi-Camera for NVIDIA Jetson

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e-con Systems has launched STURDeCAM25, a Full HD GMSL2 color global shutter camera with an IP67 enclosure...

Could not load file or assembly Basler.Pylon.dll

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Every time I open a C# Solution for editing containing "using Basler.Pylon;" I get: C:\Program Files\Basl...

How to use Jupyter Notebook with Python 3.9

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Hi, just a short guide how Jupyter Notebook can be installed in 4 steps: 1. Open your terminal. 2. Run "py...

IP66 rated Smart Camera with intelligent Edge AI capabilities

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SmarteCAM is an IP66 rated and Ready-to-Deploy smart camera with intelligent Edge AI processing capabiliti...

4K ultra low light USB 2.0 camera based on SONY STARVIS™ IMX415 image sensor

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After the huge success of our recently launched product e-CAM80_CUNX - a MIPI CSI 2 ultra-low light camera...

AR0233AT Full HD GMSL2 Camera for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

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e-con Systems™, a leading embedded camera solutions company announced the launch of NileCAM21_CUXVR, an AR...

Webinar: Accelerate time to market of your Edge AI enabled computer vision product

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In this webinar, we will use the 50+ years of cumulative experience from e-con systems and CRG electronics...

Edge Detection filter

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I’m reading about the HOG algorithm now. It is said that a filter in the form of the following matrix is u...

Get customized vision solutions for your sports analytics and broadcasting application!

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e-con Systems™ offers the perfect combination of Image Sensor, Lens Assembly, and Host Processor that are ...

4K Sony STARVIS IMX415 Ultra-low light Camera for Jetson Xavier NX

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Are you looking to capture high-quality images in low lighting conditions with good color reproduction? I...


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Improving warehouse automation through stereo vision camera for a leading Europe-based autonomous mobile r...

Embedded Vision Cameras for Industrial Imaging Need

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Nowadays, industries leverage a wealth of data collected from embedded vision cameras to make more informe...

graphic design tablet for low price help?

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im looking for a graphic design tablet for not to high of a price ? I work with photoshop, Indesign and ad...

There are a lot of good posts here

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we're totally happy to have found the web blog, it is toally the thing my friend and I have been searching...

This site is years worth of informtion

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I am totally happy having clicked on your web site, it is toally everything my friends and I have been loo...

What have you been up to? Talking about covid

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What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is open...

What is name of the best forum script

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No govorim (dobro) hrvatski. What is name of the best forum script?

Smart mirror with GANs

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Hello! I am a computer vision engineer and recently I became interested in smart home technology. There i...

Which camera to choose?

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I want to play around with video surveillance based on Raspberry Pi. I'm stuck on which camera to buy for ...

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