Smart wheel chair

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We decided to use the web camera to detect the eye movements which will be further processed to drive the motors. For the simplicity and to make a prototype, we are going to design motorized, wooden platform and we will use the webcamera of laptop.. We will use wireless communication to communicate between the camera and the arduino microcontroller by Bluetooth . The arduino microcontroller will be placed on the wheel chair which will be connected to the motors, driving the wheel chair in the direction the person sitting on the chair desires to move in. There are two major components from the system design standpoint - a) Eye-Detection and motion tracking. b) arduinocontrolled Wheel Chair . We will use the mobile phone also to operate the it is also voice controlled it will send commands to microcontroller and then to motor driver which finally causes the wheelchair to move


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Smart wheel chair? Smart idea! Sounds like a cool project. It would be great if you would create a new project for your idea. Share it with others. Do you need help? Are you at the beginning of the project? Or do you already have a solution? Please tell us more about it

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