PyPylon: Cannot establish IEEE1394 Transport Layer

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I am using Basler A102f camera using FireWire (IEEE 1394) for connection and pypylon (from StudentCV) to control it. I have a problem to establish Transport Layer (at least this seems to me to be a problem). The camera works fin in pylon Viewer. When running this code

import pypylon.pylon as pylon import sys; tlfactory = pylon.TlFactory.GetInstance() print(tlfactory) ptl = tlfactory.CreateTl('BaslerUsb') print(ptl) detected\_devices = ptl.EnumerateDevices() print('%i devices detected:' % len(detected\_devices))

I get till the end with printing out "0 devices detected". That's fine because I don't have a USB camera attached. But when I change the CreateTl argument to "Basler1394", which seems to be according to pylon SDK documentation, ptl is a 'NoneType' object and Error is returned.

Has anyone tried IEEE1394 cameras with pypylon and managed to run it successfully?


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Hi Peter, I don't know for certain, but I think maybe it doesn't support 1394... I can reproduce your symptom exactly on my side though. I see you've filed an issue on the PyPylon github page, which is exactly what I was going to suggest :). Let's see what the developer's reply is... have a good weekend! :) -matt
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