intel x86—64 Linux(Cropped) Basler daA1280-54um(usb) Sample-Grab: Error [globbing failed An exception occurred. No device is available or no device contains the provided device info properties.]

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As mentioned above is the problem I encountered. Does anyone know what caused this? thank you very much!


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what hardware are you running?

From your lsusb we can see the camera is there (ID 2676:ba03):


Does your udev rules folder contain " 69-basler-cameras.rules"?


If not, go into your extracted pylon archive (not /opt/pylon5 !) an run the script "".

Finally, unplug and plug in your camera once...

Best Regards,

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Hi BST ! Thank you for your reply . But the problem is still here, please see my answer.Because i can`t paste the pictures at here.
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Hi BST ! Thank you for your reply . But the problem is still here, please see my answer.

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.rules file


debug info

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Hi alex,
Can you share the source code of your program, and the contents of it's makefile?
If the program is built for a gigE camera or looking for a camera with a specific serial number, that could be the issue. Both involve maybe only 1 or 2 lines of code, so it can be as easy to miss as it is to implement ;-) thanks!

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Hi mattb ! The code and the Makefile I use is the official sample, not changed at all. Compiled into a binary file can be run under the standard Ubuntu system, but can not be run on my development board. You can find the corresponding source code based on the product model name and program name I provided, but I don't think it is meaningful.
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Ok Alex, thanks. I ask because I saw "globbing" in the error and so did not think it was a standard sample. I wonder about some linux autosuspend power setting... After you close pylon viewer, do you notice the LED on the camera turning off after some seconds? I have seen this on some systems before. I will keep thinking...
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hi mattb ! Since I was running on a linux system that we have tailored (similar to an embedded system), I can't run the official software pylon viewer. The phenomenon I observed on my board was that the LED light went out within 1s after disconnecting the USB connection.
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Ok, so the pylon viewer screenshot at the top of the thread is from the other system, and just for showing the camera info right? It was a bit confusing, as it appeared pylon viewer could be run, but your code could not. For the LED, I am looking to know if it ever turns off while the camera is physically connected to the host. If it does, that would indicate the system's auto suspend feature is active and needs to be turned off (see here for instructions: What kind of board is this? It is a cots SBC?
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Yes, just for showing the camera info. And it never turns off while the camera is physically connected to the host. my board :
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Hi Alex,

it looks as if for some reason the related libraries are not found. In order to have more information I would kindyl like to ask you to perfrom the following actions in order to create some log files:

strace <PathToPylonGrabSample>/Grab 2>strace_log.txt 
readelf -d <PathToPylonGrabSample>/Grab > readelf.txt 
LD_DEBUG=files <PathToPylonGrabSample>/Grab /Grab 2> log.txt

Please send to log files to our support team

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Sorry, last lin contained a typo, must be

LD_DEBUG=files <PathToPylonGrabSample>/Grab 2> log.txt
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Hi pylonguy ! Thank you for your reply, sorry to let you wait so long, I have installed your tips to collect the information you want, I look forward to your reply, thank you! Please see the pictures.
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